Nurse aides make strides toward recognition

File pic: Nurse Aides

THE newly-formed Nurse Aide Association of Zimbabwe (NAAZ) is on the brink of becoming the first representative of nurse aides to get government recognition.

The organisation, led by the Yotum Chagwada, has so far crossed many hurdles that several previous groups failed to overcome.

Over the past few months, NAAZ has taken commendable strides towards legalising their existent, having so far set up a shadow board, secretariat and full-fledged legal team.

They have also lobbied Parliament to buy into the organisation’s major objective and on May 5, Chagwada and his team appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Care to present and argue their case for recognition.

Parliamentary public hearings were held from May 8 to 12, 2023 and saw stakeholders including nurses, nurse aides, hospital authorities and scores of medical specialists converge at various centres across the country to hear, ask and present their own views about the issue of nurse aides recognition and regulation.

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