Court postpones inquiry into Katsimberis caging order


A HIGH Court Judge yesterday postponed an inquiry into the civil imprisonment order against property developer George Katsimberis for failing to settle a US$10 535 debt owed to Pokugara Ecofriendly Company and businessman Kenneth Raydon Sharpe.

Summons for civil imprisonment were issued against Katsimberis at the High Court where the plaintiffs are demanding that he should pay them as per judgement obtained against him back in 2020.

A full inquiry into the case was set to start before High Court judge Justice Never Katiyo, but the matter was postponed to November 25 after it emerged that a document of return of service was missing.

Last week, the Registrar said Katsimberis should pay the plaintiffs US$10 535 being taxed costs and charges as per judgement obtained against him.

Under the judgement, Katsimberis was ordered to pay for wasted costs.

According to the summons, if unable to pay, Katsimberis should explain why or risk being caged.

The Registrar said the court will conduct an inquiry into his financial position if he failed to pay, or approach the plaintiffs for an out of court settlement.

Katsimberis had wanted an order that Pokugara Properties transfer some stands to Pokugara Ecofriendly within 30 days from the date of the order.

"We, therefore, seek an interdict against the Respondents from disposal of the properties until such time as case number 3810/2020 has been resolved," he said.

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