Dudula track video loading

Dr LUX’s future projects include an album which will feature Chase Skuza and Mbube group.

BULAWAYO-BASED Afro-jazz musician Lucky Nhlanhla Dube, popularly known as Dr LUX has revealed that he will be shooting the video for his debut single Dudula which was released  about two years ago. 

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style Dr LUX said the single, which has attracted a lot of attention, spoke about social issues affecting Bulawayo which included the current dirty state of the city and how the Mthwakazi culture is rapidly fading away.

Born on July 13, 1987 in Lower Gweru, Midlands province, Dr LUX started his career as a manager of Dupute Warriors Band, a musical group from Plumtree, where he worked with the likes of Ndolwane Super Sounds’s Martin Sibanda and Dubia Masters, among others.

He then moved to Bulawayo where he recorded his first single about Dudula, a movement which rose in 2021 aimed at forcing all foreigners out of South Africa. He later released another track Ixhiba likaDingani which did very well this past December.

The musician said he was inspired to keep on singing due to the positive response from the people who believes in his talent.“They said, can you do something sifuna ukuzwa (we wish to hear) you singing,” he said. “They saw me at most musical galas ngama (in) campaigns and they liked this guy.” Dr LUX’s future projects include an album which will feature Chase Skuza and Mbube group.

Encouraging rising artistes to persevere and learn from experienced musicians, he said: “Most of them take advantage of technology and they enjoy being on social media without any targets of income, but only for fame which is unnecessary.”

He desires to see the arts industry promoting up-and-coming artistes as well as authenticity so that the artistes are capable of enjoying the fruits of their talents. “Money will eventually come when the time is right. I never sell any of my artwork. I will do it in this album because I have at least introduced myself,” he added.

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