Mugabe’s ouster inspired author

BULAWAYO-based author Lucky Zihundi

BULAWAYO-based author Lucky Zihundi says the late former President Robert Mugabe’s fall from power in November 2017 struck a chord in him to put pen to paper and come up with the novel On the way to Damascus.

The intriguing book explores the trappings of power and wealth if unchecked.

Zihundi told NewsDay Life & Style that he hopes readers of his book draw lessons on how greed and desire for power can be their downfall.

“The main lesson to be learnt in the book is on how politics has shaped the world we live in today. It’s about how much religious power can also corrupt if handled badly,” said Zihundi.

“Initially it was after I read a story way back in 1995 in Cosmopolitan magazine in Johannesburg. It was titled You can do anything, but it was in November 2017 after Mugabe’s sudden fall that got me activated. I am 53 years old, I experienced Mugabe’s rule and I never thought a time would come when he won’t be in power. Who doesn’t remember his absolute control and authority? He went out so easily after being an executive President.”

Zihundi, however, bemoaned the declining reading culture.

“The zeal to read has significantly diminished. Our children now prefer watching movies. In our time, our parents would force us to join libraries both at school and in the community. I was a member of Mzilikazi Memorial Library. I encourage readership though because of the many lessons one gets from reading and the improvement of language.”

On the way to Damascus delves deep into history and analyses the three decades preceding the millennium. It brings to light the flux and intrigues of the late former British Prime minister Margaret Thatcher’s tenure, the late Zimbabwean Vice-President Joshua Nkomo, Fidel Castro and Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) who ruled his country with an iron fist.

Zihundi said he was yet to set up a bookshop since the copies have just arrived from Pretoria, South Africa, where they were printed and are already being distributed.

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