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Philippine raid on Chinese firm spotlights human trafficking issues in online gaming industry

Five Chinese nationals were charged with human trafficking and linked to operations at Xinchuang.
By South China Morning Post Jul. 21, 2023

EU-China Summit: the trust deficit threatening trade and diplomacy

Trade tensions are threatening to bubble over, as the bloc considers action against Chinese subsidies of electric vehicles, wind turbines, medical technology and solar equipment.
By South China Morning Post Nov. 27, 2023

China targeted by climate campaigners over controversial East Africa oil pipeline project

The activists said China and Chinese firms should not be a “last resort” for a project with a devastating social and environmental impact on Africa.
By South China Morning Post Nov. 27, 2023

Men still being favoured over women for Chinese government jobs, study warns

Men have a significant advantage over women when applying for Chinese government jobs, according to new research.
By South China Morning Post Dec. 29, 2023