Phillip Nyasha Fungurai

Phillip Nyasha Fungurai

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Credible, fair election prospects gone down the drain

The appointment of Mohadi-Ambrose suggested a clear conflict of interest as her appointment will undermine the perceived independence of the commission.
By Phillip Nyasha Fungurai Jan. 29, 2023

PVOs Bill: Death knell to livelihoods

By signing the Bill into law, the President will be further shrinking civic space, suffocating development aid, smothering humanitarian support, and outlawing targeted NGOs.
By Phillip Nyasha Fungurai Feb. 8, 2023

Women’s representation in the 10th Parliament: The metrics

As we celebrate women’s history month, it is imperative that we underscore the importance of women’s inclusion and representation.
By Phillip Nyasha Fungurai Mar. 14, 2024

Broken Calabash: A microcosm of elections in Zimbabwe

This traditional vessel (Calabash), once whole, symbolizes unity and community.
By Phillip Nyasha Fungurai Apr. 3, 2024

Lost in translation: ZiG currency disconnected with citizens’ needs

It is evident that the introduction of the ZiG currency is a cause for concern.
By Phillip Nyasha Fungurai Apr. 14, 2024