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Abstinence key to HIV/Aids fight

HIV/Aids has spread its tentacles to virtually every corner of the inhabited planet, leaving in its wake a trail of gloom and doom, characterised by widowed husbands/wives.
By Cuthbert Mavheko Nov. 30, 2022

Easter gravitated to the Christian faith from paganism

According to traditional Christianity, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ occurred on a Friday (Good Friday) around sunset and His resurrection occurred before sunrise on Easter Sunday.
By Cuthbert Mavheko Apr. 5, 2023

Corruption tarnishing Zim’s image

Under colonial rule, blacks were subjected to a very oppressive system of governance which relegated them to an inferior position in every facet of life.
By Cuthbert Mavheko May. 2, 2023

The purpose of sex and marriage

 Amid the thunder, and lightning and literal shaking of Mount Sinai, God's voice thundered the seventh commandment: “Thou shalt not commit adultery."(Exodus 20:14).
By Cuthbert Mavheko May. 17, 2023

Children shoulder the greatest burden of the Aids pandemic

Communities should also ensure that orphaned children living on the streets are rehabilitated and have access to education, health facilities and other essential social services.
By Cuthbert Mavheko Dec. 14, 2023

Chamisa exhibits traits of a megalomaniac dictator

These seemingly impromptu recalls have left the CCC in the throes of a devastating internal crisis.
By Cuthbert Mavheko Jan. 4, 2024

NSSA treating pensioners like a charity case

The monthly pension payouts NSSA is paying pensioners are so paltry that most pensioners are failing to put food on their tables on a daily basis.
By Cuthbert Mavheko Jan. 12, 2024