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The demise of landlines

Having been in use for almost 120 years the standard landline telephone is finally dying a natural death
By Jacob Mutisi Sep. 16, 2022

Implement cyber security reporting requirements

Zimbabwe does not have laws that require listed companies to report, disclose and publish any cybersecurity incidents at their institutions.
By Jacob Mutisi Sep. 23, 2022

Iranian television station hacked

Is it possible to hack television stations just like what we used to see in the movies?
By Jacob Mutisi Oct. 14, 2022

Surveillance technology needs a national policy

African countries are installing closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras and surveillance technologies without regulation frameworks and national CCTV and surveillance national policies.
By Jacob Mutisi Oct. 28, 2022

Using social media to fight drug abuse

The public is heavily influenced by the power of television and social  media.
By Jacob Mutisi Dec. 2, 2022

Banks should reduce exorbitant charges

Financial services continue to see huge innovations in the use of technology within the financial world.
By Jacob Mutisi Jan. 13, 2023

Pros, cons of tech advancements

Traditionally, Africans have been conservative to discuss or share many issues considered taboo.
By Jacob Mutisi Jul. 14, 2023

Zim libraries must embrace new tech

They provide guidance on research techniques, information literacy and help users find credible and reliable sources.
By Jacob Mutisi Aug. 4, 2023

How organisations can prevent cyber attacks

An estimated 54% of Zimbabwe's companies say they have experienced one or more attacks in the last 12 months.
By Jacob Mutisi Sep. 29, 2023

Revolution of healthcare

The internet empowers individuals in this regard in several ways.
By Jacob Mutisi Nov. 3, 2023

Tips to protect against social media scams

Scammers may pose as representatives of legitimate organisations or services, such as banks, social media platforms, or online marketplaces
By Jacob Mutisi Nov. 10, 2023

Is football the new form of colonialism?

Will an African country ever win the World Cup at the current rate of football development.
By Jacob Mutisi Jan. 5, 2024

Beware of Devil’s Breath drugs

Once the drug takes effect, it can cause temporary amnesia, confusion, and a state of suggestibility in the victim.
By Jacob Mutisi Feb. 2, 2024

Unlock Zim’s untapped wildlife filming potential

It is time for African filmmakers to produce their own wildlife films and market them to the global community.
By Jacob Mutisi Feb. 9, 2024

Car rental scammers now targeting visitors

The scammer disappears, leaving the visitor without a vehicle and their hard-earned money gone.
By Jacob Mutisi Mar. 1, 2024

Politicians can’t lie no more

Technology has empowered ordinary Zimbabweans to become citizen journalists, armed with smartphones and internet connectivity.
By Jacob Mutisi Mar. 8, 2024

Understanding suicide among diaspora-born youths in Zim

Growing up in a foreign country often means being distanced from Zimbabwean traditions, values, and customs.
By Jacob Mutisi Mar. 15, 2024

How rent-to-buy car scams are affecting Zimbabweans

These fees are usually substantial and non-refundable, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.
By Jacob Mutisi Apr. 19, 2024

Smartphone technologies shake-up law enforcement

The update includes a crowd-sourced network of over a billion Android devices, utilising Bluetooth signals emitted by neighbouring devices to pinpoint a device's real-time location.
By Jacob Mutisi Apr. 26, 2024

Beware of phone call scams

Zimbabwe is no exception to this growing menace, as an increasing number of individuals are falling victim to phone call scams.
By Jacob Mutisi May. 10, 2024

Dealing with computer-based white-collar crimes

The anonymity and ease of digital transactions makes it challenging for organisations to detect and prevent such crimes.
By Jacob Mutisi May. 24, 2024

Role of collaborations in Zim’s ICT education

It has implemented the ICT Policy and established the Zimbabwe Digital Economy and the Financial Inclusion Strategy.
By Jacob Mutisi May. 31, 2024

Using IT to rehabilitate Zim’s prisoners

Traditionally, rehabilitation efforts in Zimbabwe's prisons have focused on vocational training, counseling, and basic education programs.
By Jacob Mutisi Jun. 14, 2024