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Nelson Chamisa

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Zimbos don't want to burden SA's health system

As I listened to my dear compatriot expressing gratitude to the MEC, I was filled with a deep sense of regret, sadness and rage.
By Nelson Chamisa Sep. 9, 2022

Our agenda for a prosperous New Great Zimbabwe

Today, the libration agenda has been either abandoned, checked halfway and utterly bastardised. It is our duty to reclaim and restore that liberation legacy and preserve it.
By Nelson Chamisa Mar. 16, 2023

Our agenda for a new, prosperous Zim

Our Citizens’ Change Volunteers programme is recruiting new voters for change. As they do this, they are listening to communities.
By Nelson Chamisa Mar. 17, 2023

Formidable modern education system needed for 4th industrial revolution

I see this week government finally scrapped the CALA amid escalating pressure from learners and parents, replacing it with a heritage-based education curriculum.
By Nelson Chamisa Mar. 7, 2024