Letter from America: In fighting antisemitism, Tik Tok is Israel’s worst enemy!

The matter before us is that institutions such as the US government carry out their discussions with influencers and financial backers such as the Jewish lobby in private.

In this letter, I want to return to a theme which I have mentioned in previous letters.

Very few institutions have yet to come to terms with the overwhelming presence of the internet and the cell phone.

The matter before us is that institutions such as the US government carry out their discussions with influencers and financial backers such as the Jewish lobby in private.

Once these secret influencers  and their names are exposed, they lose some of their influence as their interests may contradict public good.

Such is the case with the Jewish lobby in the US.

Governments have not learned to operate in an atmosphere where total secrecy is now almost impossible.

The Israeli government and its lobby in the US have boasted that they have Congress in their pocket. 

As we speak the Jewish is fighting on two fronts: the first is to keep Congress in support of its genocidal policies in Gaza and the second is to shut down US student protests over this policy while shutting down discussion in the media.

It is failing on both fronts because its most private conversations with government officials are being exposed through social media daily.

A growing awareness of these secret meetings and influence feeds on an antisemitism feeling.

When the state of Israel was attacked by Hamas fighters on October 7th, killing about 1 200 Jewish citizens, there was a general sympathy for the state of Israel. Israel’s reaction, however, in massacring 30 000 Arabs and destroying hospitals, cutting off electricity and hindering food supplies from entering the country was “over the top.” (US president Joe Biden)

As the images of maimed Arabs, women wailing after their families had been bombed, and newly born babies in a Al Shefa hospital suffering from lack of oxygen, and amputations done without anesthesia began to flood the internet, university students at all the mainstream institutions, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and University of California campuses began to rebel.

Wrong turn

A secret meeting between a private WhatsApp Jewish billionaire group was leaked to the Washington Post (May 16). Beginning on October 12, these billionaires instructed New York mayor Brother Eric Adams to send police to quash student demonstrations.

The key points are most embarrassing when exposed to the public. The billionaires remined Adams of their contributions to his election campaign.

In one transcript, one billionaire asked if there was a secret portal through which they could further make financial contributions.

“Some members offered to pay for private investigators to assist New York (Police) in handling the protesters…an offer (mayor) Adams accepted.”

The issue here is not that businessmen wickedly influence government policy; the issue is that these conversations happen all the time, but with the advent of the internet, they can no longer be kept secret.

The brother mayor has been bought and paid for.

Among the malefactors were Bill Ackerman, who led a similar campaign to sack the Harvard president, another was Michael Dell, chairperson of Dell Computers and Joshua Kushner. Joshua is Jared Kushner’s brother, the son-in-law of Donald J. Trump.

Jared gave an interview at Harvard, suggesting that “I can clean up Gaza real estate” and prepare the land for sea front real estate units to Jewish settlers. Another malefactor is Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks Coffee Company.

Brother Adams has denied any wrongdoing and when confronted by cheeky newsmen he got very angry over the suggestion that he has been bought and paid for.

The Washington Post is Jewish owned.

As if the media was responding to one drummer,  The New York Times, also Jewish owned, considered the paragon of virtue, has published its worst ever attack on the Israeli state.

The title of the story is: The Unpunished. The story, which is the result of months of undercover research in Israel itself says that the Jewish state is an apartheid state.

  “Two separate and unequal systems of justice, one for Jews and another for Palestinians”  (May 16)

 It accuses Israel of half a century of lawless behaviour towards Palestinians, which went unpunished.

These bad words, coming from two of the most trusted news media houses in the US, is absolutely bad news for Jewish propaganda.

There is another report from James Osborne, a British reporter for The Wall Street Journal, another Jewish media house.

Even though foreign journalists were forbidden to work in Israel and Gaza during the war, armed with digital instruments, Osborne was able to gather evidence, very much along the same lines of The New York Times and The Washington Post.

The fact that these three media houses published at the same time, evidence corroborating the atrocities there, may have been orchestrated.

We need to emphasise the issue at hand. It is no longer impossible to hide any activities, good or bad from the public.

Biden receives unwavering support from American blacks and Arab minorities.

 In trying to straddle the fence, while assuring his Jewish supporters of support, he made two do or die speeches to the Jewish Holocaust Society and to Moorehouse College (a black college).

Emails are equally dangerous.

In one instance, he had said that he approved of a Palestinian state while in secret, he had sent an email to Ecuador’s embassy (April 12) asking that country to vote against Palestinian statehood at the UN General Assembly.

That email, and his double-faced approach to politics was exposed. The Jewish lobby is screaming “bloody murder” while the American Arab supporters feel the same way.

As we go to press, the prosecutor at the International Court of Justice, Karim Khan, has announced his intention to seek a warrant of arrest of Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others for war crimes.

 South Carolina senator,Lindsey Graham went to Israel and had a private meeting with Khan.

Further, 12 US Senators wrote a threatening letter to Khan in the hope of persuading him not to proceed.

Khan visited Israel (and was shunned by government). Nevertheless, he collected evidence of atrocities from Palestinian villages of Be-eri and Kfar Aza.

The senators’ approach, once exposed to the public, revealed that they were in the “tank” for Israel.

They suggested to Khan that Palestinians, who suffered from atrocities committed by Israeli occupiers should approach “Israeli…trained lawyers who advise commanders …to ensure that compliance with international law” is affected on their behalf.

The childishness of this statement needs no comment. Florida Senator Marco Rubio, while acknowledging Jewish financial support, says he has not been bought.

Advice: Former president Donald Trump does not write emails. He uses a courier who carries a locked mailbag.

Don’t write secret stuff on a computer. Its memory can be recalled by the police. A third party should review all speeches.

 *Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He can be reached at [email protected]. He writes from the US.

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