Pakistani actor pledges to marry Zimbabwean if Chevrons beat India

Sehar Shinwari

ALL eyes will be on India, Zimbabwe and Pakistani actor Sehar Shinwari tomorrow, as the two teams battle it out in their upcoming T20 World Cup fixture.

Sehar, the Pakistani TV actor had recently tweeted that if Zimbabwe “miraculously” beats India, she will marry a man from the southern African nation. The tweet went viral, followed by hilarious responses and trolls flooding the internet.

“I’ll marry a Zimbabwean guy, if their team miraculously beats India in next match,” read her tweet, which has garnered over 18 000 engagements so far.

Her tweet comes after Zimbabwe beat Pakistan by one run on October 27.

During India’s most recent clash with Bangladesh, Sehar was constantly wishing for India's defeat in the game. But India won, though by a very close margin. Not only during the said clash, but also many of her tweets see her wishing against India in cricket, resulting in trolls targeting her on the microblogging site.

“Then I feel sorry for you how will you live your whole life alone," a user wrote.

Another user even pointed out how Seher was "supposed" to delete her Twitter account if India beats Bangladesh

While India are playing Zimbabwe this weekend, Pakistan will go head to head against Bangladesh. Only time will tell if Seher will live up to her tweets, or not.

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