Open letter to Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa

Dear Nelson Chamisa

WE know that you are now a brand that every Jack and Jill wants to be associated with you. The expression across the country shows that you have outsmarted and out manoeuvred your opponents and their defeat is palpable.

It is a very good thing that we share and exchange some notes as we move forward to find a lasting solution to the challenges bedevilling our nation Zimbabwe.

The people across the country are desperate for change and the building of the ark movement must be accelerated and spread to all four corners of the nation.

For just an appetiser the blue revolution seems to be gathering momentum but as usual there are always some malcontents who will be found at the wrong side of the show. That one is a reality and cannot be avoided.

We saw the strengths and weaknesses of the strategic ambiguity. We need to seriously interrogate this status quo.

The plan, however, managed to expose those who felt outdone by the project and it also gave room to the regime to ride on strategic ambiguities through the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda to accept letters sent by an impostor, a tortoise on a lamp post.

Zanu PF scored big through such ambiguities and managed to secure its much-needed two-thirds majority rule in the National Assembly. It is now time to close all such loopholes to counter any kind of such a development. You should now come up with very strong structures building from the grass roots up to the top echelon.

Avoid taking advice from many people as some are misleading and enemies bent on derailing the freedom train, but at the same try to embrace diversity and always keeping an eye on the hawks.

The power lies within the people. There should be interface meetings at grassroots levels sending a message of change, communicating and giving them a feedback.

You must form a team that will monitor and make sure that those people attending rallies are registered voters. Politics is a game of numbers. Keep on making inroads and penetrating the rural areas The regime is already running scared and in its sixes and sevens on the swift turn of political events.

It is a shame that when you thought you were building a very strong team under Citizens Coalition for Change some of your trusted lieutenants were busy jostling to get positions just to enjoy the gravy train riding on your popularity. Now that they cannot come out to show their allegiances because all what they wanted were benefits, they have gone on mute.

Career politicians are a distraction to the movement. You must be wary of sellouts like CCC self-imposed interim secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu who sold the struggle at the expense of suffering masses. - Leonard Koni


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