Opinion: Palestine situation exposes UN

As Zimbabweans who have had four decades of peace, we are bound to condemn Israeli aggression as our natural instincts detest such inhumane behaviour. 

WHAT are democrats doing? What is democracy saying? The era we are in today claims to be the most democratic yet it is actually the most realistically undemocratic in the history of mankind. 

It is normal to live lawlessly in a lawless world, but it is naturally a disgrace to witness lawlessness in a probably legislative and constitutional era.Events of  today have undeniably exposed the double standards and betrayal of democracy by the United Nations and other self-proclaimed global institutions that claim to be protagonists of democracy.

These words are not surprising to those who have witnessed the vile undemocratic slaughter of innocent Palestinians by the Israeli regime.Sixteen thousand Palestinians have fallen prey to the bloodthirsty Israeli aggression and if the right to life is one of the fundamental principles of democracy, it means Israel is devouring it hungrily and paving way for its extinction just like dodos have disappeared from the face of this earth.

The hypocrisy of the United Nations and other clandestine humanitarian institutions has been exposed by the blood of thousands of Palestinian victims.As Zimbabweans who are under the yoke of sanctions, we are bound to question if we have committed wrongs that are more sinister than the attacks on Palestine by an unsanctioned Israel.

As Zimbabweans who have had four decades of peace, we are bound to condemn Israeli aggression as our natural instincts detest such inhumane behaviour. As Zimbabweans who are cultured and a God-conscious nation, we are bound to express our condolences to all Palestinians who have lost their loved ones.

Lastly, as Zimbabweans in respect of the diplomatic efforts of the Palestinian ambassador to Zimbabwe, we commiserate with honourable Tamer Almasri for the untimely death of his mother who fell victim to the bombardment by Israeli forces. Was she a member of Hamas as they claim that they are attacking strongholds of Hamas? 

That is a question that Israel knows the world is asking and Israelis do know that they cannot offer a justifiable answer.As sons of the African motherland which has already been and is still under the deplorable grip of capitalist imperial hegemony, it is us who can comprehend the subjugation by superpowers. 

Exploitation and abuse have  never been abolished based on humanitarian reasons, as global trends evolve, a new hybrid form of exploitation is introduced.For instance, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade was abolished due to mechanisation which meant there was  no longer any need for human labour.The colonial period seems to have ended, but in reality, it is a shift from direct rule to corporatocracy (lobbying and economic system of rule) and mind control are the major tenets of the new world order.

It is a humiliation to the so-called advocates of universal global democracy as we are all witnessing the brutal subjugation of the people of Palestine.It is a pity to note that the Palestinians are being punished for giving the Israelis a home when they were desperate because initially, the Israelis were once refugees in Palestine.It is high time the United Nations, in particular, proved its significance or there will be a compelling need for all nations which uphold justice to withdraw from such a dormant institution.

The existence of G5 and G12 powers shows us that the equality of all nations in the United Nations is mere theory.The United Nations is supposed to prove its worth because it has been overshadowed by the diabolical policies of the G5 to the detriment of many nations.

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