Sinyoka residents applaud BCC service delivery

Ward 17 councillor Skhululekile Moyo

RESIDENTS of Bulawayo’s ward 17 have commended the municipality for providing water and other social amenities in the area despite vandalism of pipes in a nearby bush.

Village development committee leader for Robert Sinyoka (ward 17) Saison Maseko said the local authority was making efforts to minimise the water problem.

He said residents in the area did not feel marginalised and under-prioritised because they resided in a peri-urban area as council was in constant communication with them through their councillor.

“The water pipes are old, they were installed somewhere around 1969 and council officials have made it clear that at the moment, council does not have enough money to repair pipes and tapes,” Maseko said.

“However, when we do not have water, they make sure they send bowsers. We also have boreholes for when things get tight.”

He said council had given the residents about eight hectares to build a training centre and a community hall.

“We are currently pleading for financial assistance from city council as well as any donors and well-wishers to help us build,” Maseko said.

Ward 17 councillor Skhululekile Moyo told Southern Eye that residents had also requested land to build a health centre and vocational training centre, which she said had been granted.

“Council has given us the land on which to build a vocational training centre. The provision of a vocational centre will go a long way to reduce the high rate at which children in the area are dropping out of school. This is the only way in which they can gain some skills,” she said.

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