I’m paid US$25: Coltart

Coltart, however, said he was only after ensuring that locals receive good service delivery.

BULAWAYO Mayor David Coltart says his decision not to step down in solidarity with former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa, is not motivated by greed as he only earned US$25 per month

Chamisa quit the CCC last month saying the opposition party that he formed in January 2022 after losing the MDC to Douglas Mwonzora has been hijacked by Zanu PF and its proxies.

He has not announced his next move but indications are that he is on the verge of forming a new opposition party with blue as its colour.

Some CCC Members of Parliament (MPs) such as Fadzayi Mahere, Rusty Markham and Daniel Molokele have since resigned from Parliament and the party in solidarity with Chamisa.

In his statement, Chamisa did not order party MPs, councillors and Senators to resign.

On Monday, Coltart said he would not betray voters by resigning following the capture of the party by CCC self-imposed interim secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu.

 “Just in case anyone questions my assertion that I get paid US$25 per month for the privilege of being mayor, here is my allowance slip for January,” Coltart posted on X yesterday.

“I omitted to mention that I am actually paid this in Z$ at the official rate — so last month my total allowance/remuneration was ZWL$138 575,40.”

A number of politicians, some in the previous council in Bulawayo, were exposed for entering the council in search of quick riches via corrupt deals.

Coltart, however, said he was only after ensuring that locals receive good service delivery.

 “For those from outside of #Zimbabwe in case you are impressed, the official interbank today is US$1:ZWL$10 082 so the ZWL$138 575 now equates to US$13,74!,” he said.

“To be clear I am not complaining because I knew what I was getting into before being elected.

“But just don't let it be said that I am in it for the money.’’

Coltart later told Southern Eye that he was not in the local authority out of greed.

 “I have my law firm’s income but if one doesn’t have an alternative source of income,” he said in a follow-up interview.

“Councillors are paid an allowance of US$22 per month.

“The only additional money a person receives is if one attends a workshop and then a daily allowance is paid.

“I have no doubt this cynical policy was  designed to undermine the effectiveness of councillors and to tempt them into corrupt practices.

“Once they have been tempted they can then be controlled.”

A number of CCC councillors, senators and MPs said they were consulting their constituents before taking the next move.

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