Chinese businesswoman ‘defrauds’ Zimra of US$40k

The court heard that Li is a former co-director of DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited and DGL 5 Investments (PVT) Limited.

A CHINESE businesswoman was on Friday arraigned before Harare provincial magistrate Dennis Mangosi on a charge of defrauding the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) of US$40 000.

Li Song (52) was granted US$100 bail and remanded to June 26.

As part of her bail conditions, she was ordered to reside at the given address and report to Zacc offices once a week. The complainant is the State represented by Francesco Marconati, managing director of DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited.

The court heard that Li is a former co-director of DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited and DGL 5 Investments (PVT) Limited.

Both companies are formerly registered under the Companies Act. Prosecutor Rufaro Chonzi said sometime last year, Li made a tax rebate application Zimra to enable her to import sodium cyanide and hydrated lime duty free purportedly on behalf of DGL9 Investments.

She allegedly directed her subordinate Bernadette Mukuku to follow up on the application. Acting on the alleged misrepresentation, the Zimra station manager at the Bulawayo Port approved the rebate applications on April 17,2023 for four consignments of 18,7  metric tonnes and 27.5 metric tonnes of sodium cyanide valued at US$ 131 670 and 23,7 metric tonnes and 30 metric tonnes of hydrated lime valued a US$ 13 425.

The court heard that the approval letters were addressed to DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited, and copied to Li. The accused person with the assistance of Mukuku, using DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited name, imported the chemicals from Mauntius through Chirundu Border Post and Forbes Border Post, respectively.

According to court documents, Li and Mukuku allegedly misrepresented to Zimra on the declaration documents that the consignments were being imported by DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited . It is alleged that both were not authorised to apply for rebate and import the chemicals on behalf of DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited.

The State further alleges that the consignment was not delivered or used at DGL9 Investments (PVT) Limited as per requirement of the rebate. Due to the misrepresentation, Zimra was prejudiced of approximately US$40 000 in duty and DGL5 Investments (PVT) Limited was prejudiced of its reputation and good administration.


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