BCC parking company breaks silence

The new parking fees have been condemned by residents who indicated that they are too steep considering the state of the economy.

TENDY Three Investments (TTI), which is in charge of managing vehicle parking business in Bulawayo central business district, has broken its silence over accusations that its billing system is irregular.

For some time now the company has been under fire from motorists who have been calling on the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to revoke the TTI contract, accusing the company of overcharging for parking and clamping. TTI hardly responded to this and many other allegations made against it.

A disgruntled motorist, James Nerutanga, recently took TTI and council to court after he was issued a parking ticket while he had a valid prepaid parking disk.

The local authority agreed to pay $80 000 when he sued it.

Another motorist recently told the Southern Eye that she was charged for parking while she was in her house.

TTI spokesperson Caroline Nleya denied the allegations saying: “TTI is committed to ensuring efficient and transparent service to the residents of Bulawayo and our parking marshals are obliged to log all vehicles within the city limits in their designated precincts.

“Our system is an online one which relies on Global System for mobile communication network providers to synchronise on site transactions with the back office.”

Nleya said the TTI system did not allow a vehicle to be logged more than once.

“In instances where the network is down due to load shedding and other reasons, our system uses an offline mode which allows all transactions to be localised to the respective marshals,” she said.

“Our system has never been down since the inception of the project. We are not aware of the details of this particular case, but our system allows for the completion of transactions while offline,” she said.

A high-ranking official from Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association, who asked not to be named, said residents would soon take action against BCC if the situation is not resolved.

Council spokesperson Bongiwe Ngwenya did not respond to questions sent to her.

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