Byo fire brigade issues warning on flooding


THE Bulawayo Fire Brigade has warned citizens to avoid crossing flooded rivers as the city started receiving rains in the past week.

Bulawayo chief fire officer Lynos Phiri on Friday said many lives could be saved if people paid heed to the advice of the authorities.

“People should avoid crossing flooded streams immediately after rainfall. They must wait for the water levels to drop and maybe use a stick to measure the depth of the water before crossing. Otherwise one may end up being swept away by water,” Phiri said.

He said that did not only apply to people in Nkulumane or Bulawayo, but across all settlements.

“Even those who live in the rural areas are prone to the dangers, if not more. There are large dams and rivers and it is dangerous to move around during this rainy season.

“Maybe if we stay indoors during rainfall, tragedy can be avoided. For those who live in urban areas, unblock your drains. Also, drill or open weep holes on your walls to avoid the collection of water,” Phiri added.

Late last year, pupils drowned in Cowdray Park, Bulawayo, after being trapped in a hole, while swimming after school.

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