Funds stall Manama Hospital rehab

Manama Mission Hospital

UNDERFUNDING has stalled renovations at Manama Hospital in Matabeleland South province after buildings at the health centre were destroyed by a hailstorm last year.

Vice-President and Health and Child Care minister Constantino Chiwenga revealed this in Parliament, while responding to Matabeleland South proportional representation MP Sipho Mokone.

Mokone wanted to know when the refurbishment of the hospital would be completed.

“We hope to finish the outstanding works by December 2022. The delays that we are experiencing are due to lack of funding,” Chiwenga said.

“We are doing our best and are in communication with Treasury that the works at this hospital be completed because of its importance. Renovations at Manama Hospital have been scheduled in phases where phase 1 was focusing on the disaster-affected areas. The phase 2 works were targeting areas to do with electrical, building, carpentry, painting and plumbing.”

The hospital’s mortuary has been dysfunctional for some time and government claimed to have allocated $28 million to finance its refurbishment and that of the maternity ward, but only $5 million was released.

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