I will not allow violence ahead of 2023 polls: Nkayi South MP


NKAYI South legislator Stars Mathe (Zanu PF) has promised the people of Nkayi district that she will not allow violence in the constituency ahead of elections expected next year.

She made the remarks while speaking to members of the Nkayi Community Parliament about the violence that broke out in Matobo and Insiza wards 4 and 2, respectively ahead of by-elections held on October 21, 2022.

Suspected Zanu PF activists clashed with members of the Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) in Matobo and Insiza and vandalised their vehicles. The ruling party supporters also allegedly attacked CCC supporters including Bulawayo proportional representation MP Jasmine Toffa.

Mathe on Wednesday said she could not hold meetings for campaigns without being granted permission by the police.

“I also write to the police asking permission to hold all my meetings. I cannot hold a meeting without clearance from the police and if they see it is not safe for me and the people they can stop the meetings. I cannot go against the police,” Mathe said.

“So, me and my party cannot allow violent campaigns for me to be voted for in Nkayi South, come election campaign time. Even before the campaigns, I will not allow violence.”

Speaker of the Nkayi Community Parliament, Nhlanhla Moses Ncube said people from outside Matabeleland were responsible for violence.

“I have not seen our local organisations sending people to beat up people. Only organisations from outside the region start violence. We need to address this. When it comes to the MP visiting people, it does not mean that there is peace. There is what is called peacetime violence, violence outside war,” Ncube said.

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