Zanu PF wins 2 by-elections

File pic: Ballot boxes

THE ruling Zanu PF party on Saturday won Mberengwa ward 15 by-elections against the Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC).

According to the results announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) yesterday, Zanu PF’s Albenias Nkonzo won the Mberengwa ward 15 by-election by 765 votes against CCC’s  Cornias Dongitena who got 165.The latest results show that the opposition is facing an uphill task to harness the rural area vote, which has for years been fertile ground for the ruling party.

The results were declared by elections officer Morris Ngara.

“I Ngara, being the ward elections officer for ward 15 of Mberengwa Rural District Council, do hereby declare that I have in accordance with the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13] and the regulations made thereunder ascertained the results of the poll for the said ward and that they have been given to Dongitena CCC party 165 votes, Albenias Nkonzo Zanu PF 765 votes.

“I, therefore, declare Nkonzo this day October 8, 2022 to be duly elected councillor for ward 15 of Mberengwa  RDC. There were 3 spoilt ballot papers. The percentage poll was 58,24%,” Ngara declared.

Meanwhile, in Nyanga Ward 27, Zanu PF’s Simon Nyakazenga won with 376 votes against CCC’s Tangai Atwell Tichawangani who got 123 votes.

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