A Chinese miner’s response to the raging investment question

In Zimbabwe, employment does not come-by easily and at Lowdale Farm in Mazowe South, Mashonaland Central province, the prospects of getting a suitable job were even slimmer.

By The Southern Eye Jun. 12, 2022
How will energy crunch transition impact transition to renewables?
How will energy crunch transition impact transition to renewables?

On one hand, developing countries eyeing a switch from coal to natural gas to support higher penetration of renewables may be dissuaded by higher gas prices. On the other, the energy crunch could be proving once-and-for-all that natural gas is losing its role as a transition fuel, and that it’s time to rapidly scale renewables and battery storage for resiliency and reliability.

By The Southern Eye Oct. 24, 2021
Will upgrading fossil fuel infrastructure enable polluters or accelerate the path to net-zero?

By John Engel While the world waits for cost-effective and scalable long-duration energy storage to support the around-the-clock deployment of power generated by renewable sources, fossil fuels will continue to play a significant role in the energy mix to provide reliability to the grid and industries. Seemingly counter-intuitive on the surface, investments in the infrastructure […]

By The Southern Eye Oct. 10, 2021
Natural gas represents opportunity for investors

“There’s a risk of regulatory … and financial action, and I believe that’s getting more and more explicit,” Pershing said during a virtual media briefing.

By The Southern Eye Oct. 10, 2021
Genesis of VaShendji term and its exodus

THIS column cannot be complete without briefly mentioning Covid-19 tidings which continue to ravage  the entire world with latest reports in  spikes in the form of a fourth wave whose effects are considered to be more lethal  than previous related cases.

By The Southern Eye Sep. 5, 2021
More than just refugees

The Tongogara refugee camp in Chipinge, in Manicaland province is home to more than 15 000 refugees who have fled war, conflict and unrest across the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa regions.

By The Southern Eye Sep. 5, 2021
Thembelihle gratifies masses

When audiences sacrifice money to buy internet data in search of gratification, it is important to create compelling and riveting content that they will opt for over the rest being brought forth every second across the globe, says digital storyteller Thembelihle Zulu Whande , copiously challenging herself to be knowledgeable about current affairs and digital trends to incur resounding audience engagement and retention.

By The Southern Eye Aug. 29, 2021
The Ba Lemba will always be of Jewish origin: Matchaba-Hove

The Ba Lemba will always be of Jewish origin: Matchaba-Hove

By The Southern Eye Aug. 29, 2021
Samkeliso livens up girls, women

By Grant Moyo Studies have shown that in the southern African region, women only make up roughly 21% of voices heard, read about or seen in print, television and radio news. Samkeliso Tshuma, a human rights activist, is playing her part to ensure that girls and women are heard, seen and are able to document […]

By The Southern Eye Aug. 22, 2021
Fort Rixon Makhandeni haven for king’s wives

By Burzil Dube BEFORE delving into this week’s installment, which is a continuation on the genesis of Bulawayo suburbs’ names, Yours Truly will briefly pay tribute to all those who are currently adhering to Covid-19 lockdown regulations. As it is usually said that a stich in time saves nine and this is the opportune time […]

By The Southern Eye Aug. 22, 2021
Natural gas infrastructure can play a role in clean energy

A new report released by research company IHS Markit explains the role gas can play in the transition to net-zero. The report; A Sustainable Flame: The Role of Gas in Net Zero, states that gas has a significant part in both the near-term and long-term energy decarbonisation targets owing to the ability of existing infrastructure […]

By The Southern Eye Aug. 15, 2021
Renewable energy advocates react to UN climate report

Renewable energy advocates offered reactions last week to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report that warned of a “code red for humanity” due to global warming. The report — signed by leaders from 195 governments — is the first released by the panel since 2013, again confirming that global warming is being […]

By The Southern Eye Aug. 15, 2021
‘Trash is cash’: Why Zim needs to think about circular economy

BY KENNEDY NYAVAYA AN overwhelming odour, hatch of flies and trickling streams of slimy mud mark the characteristics of Ngozi Mine, a dumping site located 12km from Bulawayo’s central business district, on a wet summer morning. During heavy downpours of rain recorded earlier this year, used diapers, a wide range of plastic material and other […]

By The Southern Eye Aug. 1, 2021
Time nigh for Binga tourism

BY BURZIL DUBE LAST week’s article on the state of Hwange-Deka Road seemed to have hit the right musical chord as there was some form of unanimity on the need to repair this once popular tourist highway. Those living in and around the coal mining town are fully aware of how this particular road was […]

By The Southern Eye Jun. 20, 2021
Mining operations leave villagers vulnerable

As corruption continues to hold Zimbabwe by the throat, it has become deeply entrenched in the mining sector, seeing billions worth of minerals that could have been enough to turn the fortunes of the economically troubled country around, being pillaged at a very large scale.

By The Southern Eye Jun. 12, 2016
Are our gardens and farms working for us?

l Doreen Mutobaya Badze is a retired nurse and passion driven gardener, she can be reached at 0779 730 880 or at 16 Metcalf Road, Greendale, Harare. Email: [email protected] Facebook page: Badze Garden Nursery.

By The Southern Eye May. 22, 2016
China’s environmental footprint in Zim

As implementation of the policy gathered momentum, in no time the country was a favourite destination for Chinese nationals.

By The Southern Eye Apr. 24, 2016
Saving the environment: It’s a collective task

It is highly evident most people believe the business of saving the environment from further deterioration is a job for environmentalists, governments, local authorities and big corporates — a frame of mind that has only served to exacerbate an already terrible situation.

By The Southern Eye Apr. 10, 2016
Zimbabwe’s mineral wealth: A curse?

The African Minerals Development Centre — established by the African Union Heads of State — believes that Africa’s mineral endowments have the full potential to lift the continent out of poverty, catapulting it to “growth, development and prosperity for all”— if well-managed.

By The Southern Eye Apr. 5, 2016
Farewell to Zimbabwe’s celebrated water harvester

It was with great sorrow that The Standard Style learnt of the death of prominent conservationist Zepheniah Phiri Maseko.

By The Southern Eye Sep. 8, 2015
Olinda Marowa breaks three- year hiatus

Gospel diva Olinda Marowa Ziwenga is now a pastor at Prophet Uebert Angel’s Spirit Embassy Church.

By The Southern Eye Mar. 2, 2014
Local companies aiding environmental destruction

It is time that the government, environmental groups, academics, media, industry and the general public started a debate on ways to push environmental protection to the top of all economic agendas.

By The Southern Eye Feb. 16, 2014
Wetlands crisis meeting on

Wetlands in the city and countrywide continue to be destroyed this year at accelerating rate by illegal cultivation, rubbish dumping and actual building developments.

By The Southern Eye Feb. 16, 2014
Make tobacco farmers establish woodlots

Maria Mambo* (54) is an enterprising widow.

By The Southern Eye Feb. 9, 2014
Umbozha — Luxury redefined

Located on the picturesque Andora Bay in Kariba, the Umbozha house boat is set to fill a void in the tourism market and add flavour to the cruises on the lake.

By The Southern Eye Feb. 2, 2014
Furore over continued wetland destruction

It would seem the fight to save the fast-disappearing wetlands might have come a little too late in Zimbabwe.

By The Southern Eye Jan. 26, 2014
Conservation: Will 2014 be better?

Welcome to 2014. Hopefully, we are all getting into the new year rejuvenated and ready to make the world a better place.

By The Southern Eye Jan. 5, 2014
Curb illegal tree cutting

Unlike some private possessions, forests are a national wealth and the wide-ranging benefits they present to everyone warrants communal ownership of them.

By The Southern Eye Dec. 15, 2013