Budget insensitive to the informal economy

Viset is outraged that the extortionate 2% tax is being maintained, along with a trebling of the withholding tax of 10% of the value of commercial goods imported by cross-border traders to 30%, with effect from August 1, 2022.

By The Southern Eye Jul. 31, 2022
Stop harassing media for reporting truth
By The Southern Eye Jul. 24, 2022
Zanu PF shutting down political space
Zanu PF shutting down political space

According to information the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) gathered, the Zanu PF district chairperson Emmerson Raradza, Muzarabani South legislator Tapera Saizi and Zhemu, with the assistance of Kazembe organised a group of party youths and mobilised resources to converge and attack Biti, who is also Harare East legislator.

By The Southern Eye Jul. 10, 2022
Health workers strike a sign of inequality

Zimbabweans are forced again to grapple with sad news of industrial action by medical practitioners in the public health sector. The news comes at a time when memories of a story carried in The Herald of 5 September 2019  are still fresh. It was one of the most disturbing stories  where a pregnant woman was […]

By The Southern Eye Jun. 26, 2022
Upsurge in political violence cases worrying

These developments are threatening to plunge the nation into darker days ahead, with the potential for degeneration if the situation is not addressed intently and with care, and with fidelity to the Constitution.

By The Southern Eye Jun. 19, 2022
Maize shortage a result of politicisation of inputs

The importation is despite the government of Zimbabwe having run sustained agricultural support programmes such as command agriculture and pfumvudza.

By The Southern Eye Jun. 12, 2022
Going to Davos is a costly jaunt

It is critical for an economy such as Zimbabwe to establish whether the tax-payer can afford this engagement.

By The Southern Eye May. 29, 2022
Zimbabweans still struggling to obtain identity documents

The mobile process, which started on April 1 and runs until September 30, this year, was long overdue considering that since 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, there has been limited operation of the Registrar General’s office, and there were restrictions of movements.

By The Southern Eye May. 22, 2022
Zanu PF intensifies violence after poll defeat

In the majority of these incidents, Zanu PF supporters were hounding people they suspected had supported the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in the run up to the March 26 by- election.

By The Southern Eye May. 15, 2022
Need for transparency on The fears of the Hlengwe-Xangani ethnic group commonly referred to as the Chilonga community are not unfounded issue

The fears of the Hlengwe-Xangani ethnic group commonly referred to as the Chilonga community are not unfounded.

By The Southern Eye May. 1, 2022
Zim’s health sector is in ICU

What is even more shocking is that this has become so much like an acceptable situation, and when people go to public health institutions, they  seem used to the idea that all they get is consultation, and when it comes to getting necessary items like medication, and sometimes bed linen, they have to source that themselves.

By The Southern Eye Apr. 24, 2022
Time to act on South Africa violence against immigrants

The scale of brutality that has broken out in parts of South Africa, mainly low income, poor localities in Gauteng, has led to extreme terrorisation of foreign residents as locals target “illegal” immigrants whom they demand must be deported from South Africa.

By The Southern Eye Apr. 17, 2022
Xenophobic attacks against Zimbabweans barbaric

CIASA urges the people of South Africa to remember the people-to-people solidarity and support which was extended to them by fellow Africans for their country to end apartheid. While the majority of ordinary South Africans are still suffering the dual yoke of poverty and inequality, targeting foreigners for these frustrations is un-African and would not resolve these deep and complex problems.

By The Southern Eye Apr. 10, 2022
Claw-back clauses constrain given freedoms, access to information

United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and of Association, Clement Nyaletsossi Voule, following a visit to Zimbabwe in 2019, noted in a subsequent report that Zimbabwe was suffering from political polarisation and poor governance.

By The Southern Eye Apr. 3, 2022
Mnangagwa shrinking democratic space

Zimbabweans are like that. They are not politically emancipated no matter their level of education.

By The Southern Eye Mar. 27, 2022
Zimbabwe belongs to all citizens

This month, ZPP recorded a significant increase in the profile and scope of the human rights violations recorded.

By The Southern Eye Mar. 13, 2022
Political violence, intolerance threats to free and fair elections

The current wave of political violence has serious implications on women and children and can see the repeat of the events of 2008 that plunged the nation into a social and political crisis, and collapsed services delivery.

By The Southern Eye Mar. 6, 2022
Health Service Amendment Bill threat to service delivery

Although health is a critical sector whose operations need no interruption, it is concerning to note that the recently published Health Service Amendment Bill seeks to suppress health workers from speaking out or protesting against poor wages and service conditions (dilapidated equipment). This will impede upon health workers’ rights and the ramification of such amendments […]

By The Southern Eye Aug. 22, 2021
Zanu PF not fulfilling election promises, deceiving voters

In the run up to the last elections, Zanu PF promised to deliver quality health care for all, including free primary health care for citizens at all levels. However, since 2018, the country has seen the constant deterioration of the public health system coupled with dilapidation of the existing infrastructure with most hospitals understaffed and […]

By The Southern Eye Aug. 22, 2021
Zimbabwe’s successive droughts: No lessons learnt

In January this year President Robert Mugabe declared a state of disaster, owing to the drought that has ravaged Zimbabwe. The drought has already killed livestock, with people facing debilitating food shortages. Blessing Vava Suffice to say, the country has experienced droughts before, but it seems we are always caught off-guard and fail to come […]

By The Southern Eye Mar. 20, 2016
Harare water crisis is man-made

In fact that is some of us to the south of the city have not seen any improvement in water supply. Calls for Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda to resign have not been heeded. Are the relevant political parties aware that it will cost them if they do not improve our lot?

By The Southern Eye Feb. 17, 2013
Zanu PF scared of poll defeat

The time for electoral campaigning is upon us. Zimbabwe faces a mammoth task of trying to resuscitate a country which has been reduced to a pariah state.

By The Southern Eye Nov. 4, 2012
Charter must abolish unlawful arrests

Stakeholders involved in the making of a new constitution must ensure that it contains watertight provisions that outlaw arbitrary and malicious arrest of innocent civilians.

By The Southern Eye Nov. 4, 2012
Does Moyo still have a constituency after crossing floors?

Both the Speaker (Lovemore Moyo) and Clerk of Parliament (Austin Zvoma) owe the nation an explanation as to why the Tsholotsho seat was not declared vacant when Professor Jonathan Moyo jumped ship from being an independent Tsholotsho MP to an avowed Zanu PF MP without a constituency. Recall that those who crossed the floor lost […]

By The Southern Eye Oct. 28, 2012
Toilets quite easy to construct

The problem of using the bush system is very high in Matabeleland North. There is need for thorough awareness campaign on the merits and demerits of the bush system.

By The Southern Eye Oct. 28, 2012
Presidential motorcade costing us precious lives

Past events in Zimbabwe have proved that the presidential motorcade can be very dangerous and economically wasteful. I would like to suggest banning this dictatorial use of power.

By The Southern Eye Oct. 28, 2012
Religious fanaticism ruining lives

Thank you for giving me space to express my utter disgust with religious fanaticism and intolerance.

By The Southern Eye Oct. 28, 2012
It does not hurt to be strict with children

Grace Mutandwa is correct; parents do need to be strict with their children (The Standard September 30 to October 6 2012).

By The Southern Eye Oct. 7, 2012
Wishing MDC-T a happy 13th birthday

It is an open secret that the 13-year-old MDC under the leadership of the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, encountered countless hurdles along the way which threatened the very existence of the party.

By The Southern Eye Oct. 7, 2012