Transitioning to sustainability: The holistic conversation at Enlit Africa

The event prioritises sustainability and a comprehensive energy transition

Enlit Africa focuses on the key sustainability transition narrative, highlighting the role of green business and investment with the global launch of the UNDP Africa Green Business & Financing (AGBFI) Flagship Report.

Enlit Africa focuses on the key sustainability transition narrative, incorporating insights across all the energy verticals to create long-term sustainable solutions in Africa

  • Enlit Africa runs from 21-23 May 2024 at CITCC, Cape Town
  • The event prioritises sustainability and a comprehensive energy transition
  • Africa’s most influential companies in energy, power and water connect at one event to drive the sustainability and transition narrative
  • Speakers at the event include HE Dr Nobuhle Pamela Nkabane, Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Jacob Mbele, Director General, Department of Mineral Resources and Energy, Dan Marokane, Group Chief Executive, Eskom and Calib Cassim, Chief Financial Officer, Eskom.


Enlit Africa is not only steering the sustainability conversation in Africa but is also emphasising the crucial role of finance and investment in enabling a sustainable transition. Recognising the importance of economic backing in overcoming the continent's energy and water challenges, the event will feature discussions on financial frameworks and investment strategies pivotal for advancing these sectors.

This year, the event will stand out with the launch of the UNDP Africa Green Business & Financing (AGBFI) Flagship Report, which offers an overview of the current state of green business and finance across Africa. It provides specific references to the wide range of activities, projects, and private companies that are driving innovation and growth in this space.

The report promises to provide invaluable insights into green investments, offering guidance and new models for financing sustainable power and water projects in Africa.

Highlighting the financial component, Enlit Africa offers attendees a unique engagement opportunity with the project pitch sessions scheduled to take place on 22 May. These dynamic sessions will focus on connecting innovators and project developers with investors, providing a platform to showcase and secure support for promising projects in the power, energy, and water sectors. Entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas in front of a live audience, consisting of potential financiers and partners, to secure the capital necessary to turn promising concepts into reality.

Over three impactful days, more than 180 expert speakers, including influential names like HE Dr. Nobuhle Pamela Nkabane, Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Dan Marokane, Group Chief Executive, Eskom and Calib Cassim, CFO, Eskom, will address the convergence of leadership and innovation, exploring financial mechanisms to support the role of utilities and municipalities and enhance power and water security across various sectors.

“The line-up of expert speakers this year will be sharing their knowledge and insights on the trends, challenges and opportunities facing these critical sectors,” says Chanelle Hingston, Event Director, at Enlit Africa. “They will be unpacking the factors that determine success within the energy transition while ensuring power and water security for the domestic and commercial and industrial sectors. Hosting more than 250 exhibitors, 180 speakers and more than 82 utilities and municipalities, Enlit Africa allows attendees to open new opportunities across the continent.”

The focus for the 180+ speakers includes wheeling frameworks and PPAs; power and water finance and projects; supporting the role of municipalities; and drilling down into updates on the IRP2023, carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM), and African meter specifications. Sessions also include the role of solar; ensuring equitable access to the grid; C&I water project overviews; and establishing a robust water and energy ecosystem for a resilient future. The event shapes a critical dialogue on the policies and strategies that will enable end-to-end solutions across the continent.

Featuring a comprehensive agenda and expertly curated networking and matchmaking sessions, Enlit Africa is committed to building partnerships that transcend discussions, enabling actionable solutions and investment opportunities that cater to needs across domestic and commercial and industrial entities. Attendees can enjoy one-on-one conversations that allow for personal engagement and the opportunity to expand their network of industry experts, potential clients, partners, and suppliers. A concierge-style matchmaking programme connects people with new business opportunities in a dedicated networking lounge available to all delegates, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers. Everyone can explore solutions to their challenges and open doors to innovative solutions within an accessible and engaging environment.

Enlit Africa encourages speakers and other stakeholders to work toward a viable economic climate for energy and water security projects – a key step in transforming Africa's power and water narratives for a more resilient and sustainable future.

“Enlit Africa offers companies the opportunity to interact with key stakeholders on the African continent while gathering next-generation insights and building robust strategies for a more sustainable future,” concludes Hingston. “It is an inspiring, solutions-focused event that prioritises sustainability and holistic approaches to resolving the challenges faced by many energy, power and water organisations across Africa.”

Join us at Enlit Africa 2024 to engage in these vital conversations and contribute to the sustainable development of Africa's energy and water ecosystems.

Register now, and for more information, visit, or download the comprehensive event agenda.

Be part of a movement that's crafting a narrative of change and opportunity for energy and water security across Africa.


ABOUT ENLIT AFRICAEnlit Africa celebrates 24 years in the African power, energy, and water sector. A game-changing event, it brings the top manufacturers, associations, institutions, and government leaders together to shape a sustainable, prosperous energy and water future for Africa. A leading power, energy and water conference and exhibition, Enlit Africa is designed to provide a unique platform to connect decision-makers and determine Africa’s future direction of travel.

Enlit Africa takes place from 21 - 23 May 2024 at the CTICC, Cape Town, South Africa. The event is CPD accredited by the SAIEE, thereby contributing to the professional development of industry experts.For more information, please visit the Enlit Africa website at or contact our team at [email protected].ABOUT VUKAVUKA Group brings people and organisations together to connect with information and each other in meaningful conversations to reach the next level of growth in their industry ecosystem. With 20 years of experience in Africa, the group serves the Energy, Mining, Smart Mobility, Transport and Retail sectors, through a range of industry touchpoints across digital, print and in-person platforms. With a commitment to data at its core, the group is well-positioned to support industry stakeholders today and into the future. Operating from Cape Town, South Africa the group is actively involved in projects across continental Africa and boasts a diverse African team who take great pride in the work they do for the sectors and markets they serve.


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