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We have a sexual crisis!

Editorial Comment
MEDIA reports and stories on sexual abuse, attacks and molestations these days are a clear indication that we have a serious challenge with our sexual attitude, conduct and orientation as a society.

MEDIA reports and stories on sexual abuse, attacks and molestations these days are a clear indication that we have a serious challenge with our sexual attitude, conduct and orientation as a society.

To me there is a crisis that needs urgent attention from all of us who care about justice and welfare of our offspring.

Let me give you today a picture of the crisis I am talking about.

 It is a crisis and a sad day when fathers turn against their daughters, rape them, molest them sexually, take them as wives, and make them pregnant not only once, but twice, thrice and as many as you can hear.

Some have the guts even to justify their satanic actions. It is a crisis when society continues to treat such fathers as normal men and fails to see their glaring need for serious rehabilitation.

What is happening to fatherhood in this generation?

What is the purpose of fatherhood?

I thought the purpose of fatherhood was not only to produce children, but to protect and nurture, groom and coach and love above all things.

You see, society becomes dangerous and suicidal if fathers begin to “eat their own chicks”.

Well, abuse is abuse, but I think sexually abusing your children is the worst crime a father can commit not only against his offspring and clan, but against humanity.

 It is a crisis when men marry men and women marry women. I do not know what your take is on the so-called same-sex marriages.

I need you, however, to understand that this presents us with a serious crisis about our sexuality. It is a crisis when a man does not know he is a man. It is a crisis when a woman does not know she is a woman.

It is worse when these can bring so many sorts of arguments to justify their inhuman dullness and spiritual blindness. Look at the pride exuded in this whole deception.

When human beings no longer have the moral capacity to tell between wrong and right, beloved, society is in a crisis. “Gayism” is a sin of pride now driven by the human rights mentality.

When I last checked in the holy scriptures pride cost Lucifer his place in the presence of God.

This part of humanity is further driven away from the presence of God by this sin and its pride.

We do have a crisis in our hands when these sophisticated movements begin to target the young generation with their deception.

We do have a crisis when rejecting this imposition, aid to your government is suspended. We do have a crisis when society accepts such evil just because they want aid from the imposters.

 When teachers sodomise pupils in their care as loco-parents, we have a crisis. Families and schools are supposed to be the safest places for children, but these days, these two critical institutions are increasingly becoming not only unsafe but dangerous.

Where shall children go when they are sexually harassed at school and at home? We have a serious challenge.

l It is a crisis when many marriages break down and fail to work as couples fight over conjugal rights.

Some spouses are said to be stingy while others demand too much. Some do not even think of it, but go on to have affairs outside marriage causing a lot of pain and misery.

Divorce is on the increase. Violence at home is increased with husbands bashing their wives now and again for various reasons including sexual misunderstandings.

Should marriages dissolve and families suffer because couples can no longer carry out their duties towards each other?

If you took away good and peaceful sex from a marriage, I think it is no longer marriage. Sex is the soul and light in marriage.

Beloved, when a man has his throat slit like a goat over a woman, it is a crisis.

When a husband beats a wife to death because she refused him conjugal rights, it is a crisis. It is even worse when pastors and bishops and prophets sexually molest and abuse women and girls in their areas of influence.

When the man of the cloth causes people to believe that they get more blessings by having sexual errands with him, it is even a worse crisis. When sex is a currency to pay for whatever service at all levels of society, then we have a crisis.

My contribution today is that we have a crisis in our hands. It is a sexual crisis. Our thoughts and conduct on sex are reaching a boiling point and we need to do something as a society.

There has got to be an arising by this generation to put to an end some of these serious and dangerous practices in our midst lest we lose all the next generations and stand accused on Judgment Day.

Kilton Moyo is the author of the Sex Trap, pastor and guidance&counselling consultant. Call or WhatsApp on +263 775 337 207 or +263 712 384 841.