Canon has been leaving its mark on the printing industry since its establishment in Japan nearly 90 years ago. For many residential and commercial users, Canon printers are the go-to for all their printing needs.

This applies to many regions in Africa, including Zimbabwe, where Brett Hensberg, Managing Director at Eskill Trading, is the Canon distribution partner. Eskill Trading sells to resellers and select corporates, government agencies and education institutions across the country to ensure local availability of authentic products, cartridges, and service parts.

Hensberg explains: “We really believe that we’re adding value to our customers by being the dedicated distribution partner in the country that carries stock, hardware, consumables, and spares. Eskill Trading further helps its customers by investing in highly trained technicians who can be deployed anywhere in Zimbabwe to address concerns, which is essential for after-sales services and peace of mind. We’re also very invested in bringing the best technologies and opportunities to our customers by offering them more choice to meet a customer’s needs through the wide range of Canon products we stock.”

Michelle Janse Van Vuuren, Channel Marketing Manager for Canon Sub-Saharan Africa, elaborates on Canon’s vision in Zimbabwe, stating that its people are “very entrepreneurial” and “proactive” in the face of new opportunities. “We’ve seen substantial growth in the region, where locals want to use our products because of the benefits they offer. Canon is committed to keep expanding and growing our B2B and B2C businesses, with a strong focus on the B2B market. We believe we’re achieving this through various marketing efforts and continuously providing our markets with printers that suit their specific needs.”

On the work Canon is doing in the country, Hensberg said: “We have done work for the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), which is an ongoing relationship in light production print, and we are working with several educational institutions, where we are transforming the culture of print.” 

“In the workspace managed print environment, we are not only working closely with educational institutions to transform the way they print and manage the cost of print, but we are also engaging with corporates, and we look forward to transforming the entire print landscape with the hope that we will be able to add even more value to our local market and reduce e-waste and paper waste, which is an incredible cost that is often overlooked.” 

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Canon continues to see great promise in the Zimbabwe market, and together with distribution partner Eskill Trading, they are committed to growing the market with sustainability, continuity, and innovation at the core of its business.