MedOrange Pharmacies, the leading health, wellness and beauty centre in Zimbabwe, has launched a mobile application, which offers online prescription services.

The app, MedOrange Mobile App, allows users to order medication for loved ones online for delivery to the doorsteps of beneficiaries in Zimbabwe. The app will benefit people on chronic medication who need regular prescriptions for their treatment. Via the MedOrange app, patients can also consult with doctors directly and get access to a wide catalogue of health, beauty and wellness products digitally. The MedOrange mobile app is the first such platform in Zimbabwe.

The app also has features such as reminders on when to take your medication, pre-ordering of medication, purchasing common health and beauty products and booking an appointment with a doctor. The new app helps Zimbabweans feel confident in managing their medicines and those of their loved ones since it has the option to add dependents.

“Our new app is akin to having a pharmacy right in your pocket. It enables our customers to upload prescriptions, access all their medical records and order health, beauty and wellness products in one place at the same time as well. A unique offering is that customers are able to use the app to set up appointments with our partner doctors, be it a virtual meeting, home visit or a walk-in appointment. This reduces the stress of first having to make a trip to the doctor’s office for a check-up,” said Wayne Chidakwa, Platform Support Lead at MedOrange Pharmacies.

Diana Hore, managing director at MedOrange Pharmacies, said: “We are particularly delighted for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora. In our interaction with them, they told us that they want to have meds delivered directly to their loved ones in Zimbabwe, especially those on regular treatment for chronic conditions. This app responds to their needs.”

The app eliminates the hassle of patients trying to remember when to take their medication and when to refill their prescriptions.

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Yolandah Sibanda, eStore manager at MedOrange Pharmacies, said the app was “more than just a repeat reminder service”. 

“It gives our customers trusted care and advice at their fingertips since they can chat with a pharmacist on the platform,” Sibanda said.