HIGHLANDERS coach Kelvin Kaindu has indicated that he might be forced  to sign on two strikers in the upcoming mid-season transfer window amid fears that the club might lose attacker Devine Mhindirira at the end of the month.

Mhindirira’s contract expires on June 30 and sources have revealed that the player is on FC Platinum’s radar and is likely to leave the Bulawayo giants as a free agent.

Highlanders last collected three points in April when they beat Caps United at Barbourfields Stadium.

They went on to lose to FC Platinum in another home tie, with six draws, implying six points collected from a possible 21 from seven matches.

Kaindu, who has previously admitted that there is no depth in his squad, was visibly shaken after the draw to Bikita Minerals at Barbourfields Stadium in Bulawayo  on Sunday.

This was their second draw against a team coming from Division One after being held by Arenel Movers at Barbourfields early last month.

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“We still have one or two slots, we might add up a bit of flair, especially upfront. You saw even in our game, we took out MaNinja (Brighton Ncube). He was out during the break and he was not training,” Kaindu said.

“We have been using him with a slight injury and it showed today (Sunday). But also it is the inability to take out a striker and put in a striker. We take out a striker, fit in a midfielder and work with permutations.

“We are hoping that during the break that is coming or when the window is opening, we may have one or two strikers that will come and join us.”

But before the Sunday match, Kaindu said it would not be easy to sign players in the mid-season transfer window.

“The mid-season window that is coming is a bit tight in terms of player movement,” he said.

“Most of the players will be attached to their clubs but we are anticipating and hoping that we can get one or two that can come and help us. We still have a slot for two that we need to fill up.”

Interestingly, Bikita Minerals gaffer Arnold Jani spoke highly of Highlanders and said the Bulawayo giants will rise.

“Highlanders are a well-oiled team. It is just that they are not getting the goals, but what I know is that the goals will come,” Jani said.

“With Kaindu’s philosophy, it’s only a matter of time and that is what football is all about. The moment that he starts scoring, he will get the goals.”

Bosso have struggled with their game of late, with the multitudes of Highlanders fans losing patience with the coach, many expressing their anger on social media.

Canada-based First Mobile Soccer Academy director, Isaac Mbedzi, who is a former director at a Highlanders academy, took to his Facebook account and said: “The moment you see Highlanders and Dynamos struggling at the same time, just know that the people coaching them are not the right fits.

“When Barca (Barcelona) struggle, (Real) Madrid shine or vice-versa. It is not lightning, scotch-cart or rocket science, but simple football. People should stop blaming players for their coaches’ technical ineptness.”

He added: “These boys score goals, but coaches fail to preserve or manage the games after scoring. Even a macro-lensed micro-scope can pick up this image or pattern.”

Dynamos have also struggled this year with coach Genesis Mangombe under the spotlight.