THE three-year In Conversation With Trevor (ICWT) journey has shined a light on creative and enterprising people in a country that faces so many political, economic and social problems.

The journey has drawn our attention to beautiful spaces and inspirational ideas.

The main objective of ICWT is to change our narrative by moving away from the noise and toxicity and focusing on the life journeys of ordinary people building companies and providing quality products and services.

By amplifying what these entrepreneurs are doing, we have started influencing our story as a nation.

We have inspired thousands by showing them that what they thought was impossible is actually doable with a little bit of courage, self-belief and putting in the work.

The conversations with people building real things have opened doors for them and provided impetus to their dreams.

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Sometimes what makes us take the next step are affirmations such as “Well done and keep going.”

This means the company you keep is important and who you listen to matters.

The launch of the annual Ideas Festival (IF) at Troutbeck Hotel in Nyanga creates a circle of highly networked people getting together to share some of the great things they are doing to scale and improve their businesses.

IF is a live space where entrepreneurs share the practical things they are working on.

These are ideas that have come to fruition with tremendous power to inspire those in the room.

Every business, project and product started off as just an idea in someone’s mind.

Courage, hard work, discipline and resources then converted the idea into products and services.

We believe that we learn from the mistakes and successes or others.

We benefit from being in the room where others share their lived experiences in business.

The 2023 IF programme will include Masterclasses, ideas panels, fireside chats and an Ideas Tank for entrepreneurs to pitch their exciting business ideas.

Impactful ideas don’t keep time.

It helps to be in the room when others are sharing ideas.

Ideas tend to spark off other ideas, which is why you should be at this inaugural Ideas Festival.

Trevor Ncube is chairman of Alpha Media Holdings and host of ICWT