THE 2023 edition of the In Conversation With Trevor (ICWT) Ideas Festival (IF) takes place at Troutbeck Hotel in Nyanga from November 22 to 24.

This annual event is a gathering of ICWT alumni, entrepreneurs, innovators, creators and those in the start-up space.

In December last year, we had a successful IF launch in Harare and the luncheon, graced by entrepreneurs and executives, was highlighted by powerful presentations from technology entrepreneur and former Google (SA) executive Stafford Masie and Tinashe Nyamudoka, sommelier and founder of Kumusha Wines.

Celebrated South African pop musician Yvonne Chaka Chaka gave an inspiring speech and a spellbinding performance.

All societies which have prospered have been propelled by a robust marketplace of ideas.

The best ideas from a competitive marketplace drive the creativity and ingenuity of entrepreneurs with a positive impact on wealth creation and job opportunities.

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Zimbabwe has a lot of challenges and yet many entrepreneurs are not daunted by the doom and gloom.

I believe that Zimbabwe’s fortunes will be turned around by these creative citizens changing their spheres of influence.

Their courage against all odds and their enterprise will affect our future in a positive way.

We are passionate about nation building and IF is an important part of this heavy lifting.

Nation-building is multifaceted. It is our collective ideas, efforts and dreams which contribute to the Zimbabwe we want.

The biggest role of our government is to create an enabling environment for our ideas and enterprises to flourish and then get out of the way.

So, we gather in Nyanga next week to share ideas which have sparked our creativity.

We will learn from each other’s stories of success and failure. The lessons from our lived experiences form an important tapestry of our narrative.

The toxicity in our society is not who we are. Who we are is to a large extent what we do, individually and then collectively.

We have prepared an exciting programme of Masterclasses, panels, fire-side chats and an Ideas Tank for entrepreneurs to pitch their exciting business ideas.

There will be golf and great entertainment. All work and no play is never a good idea.

IF is an annual get-together to share ideas which help build a good society we all yearn for.

It will be a gathering to feast on fresh ideas for shaping our collective destiny.

IF takes the #InConversationWithTrevor show to a LIVE platform.

Nation-building quality conversations, broad-based economic development and prosperity can only be powered by a vibrant marketplace of ideas.

To join us, please drop an email to or To register to be considered for the #IdeasTank2023 please go to #icwt23

Trevor Ncube is chairman of Alpha Media Holdings and host of ICWT