NKULUMANE legislator Desire Moyo has unveiled a five-year development plan for the constituency to be funded under the government’s Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Speaking during the launch of the document at Nkulumane Hall in Bulawayo on Tuesday, Moyo described the blueprint as a roadmap to positive development.

“This is the beginning of better days to come. When I came in as an MP we set out to establish two great pillars for our constituency,” Moyo said.

“The first pillar was to launch a development plan for the constituency and the second one was to create an administrative structure of the constituency in the name of Nkulumane Constituency Development Committee.”

Moyo said he has involved every relevant stakeholder in the constituency’s development committee.

“Its the people of Nkulumane who are involved in the development committee that we have set here today,” he said. 

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“I can safely say all the colours are represented in the committee. Talk of the disabled, the elderly, other political parties, churches, youths, war veterans and the business community, they are all part of the committee that is set to steer development in the constituency within the next five years.”

Moyo said development projects are expected to be funded under the CDF with a grant of US$50 000 already allocated for the project. 

A Zanu PF official, Andrew Ndlovu commended the intitiative.

“This is the first constituency plan that has all stakeholders united to achieve one goal. We need to have terms of reference because there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done. A development plan needs accountability of the CDF allocation,” said Ndlovu.