THREE Zanu PF-linked car dealers are set for a huge windfall after it emerged that the government has picked them to supply vehicles for Members of Parliament (MPs), NewsDay has gathered.

The MPs from the ruling Zanu PF party and the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) have been demanding the latest top-of-the-range Toyota Land Cruiser  vehicles.

In December, they arm-twisted Finance minister Mthuli Ncube threatening to delay passing his anti-poor budget until he increased the allocation for Parliament to cater for their demands.

The country has 280 MPs and 80 Senators.

In a memo addressed to legislators on Tuesday, Clerk of Parliament Kennedy Chokuda said three car dealers — Executive Motors, Exquisite Motors and Paza Buster — were picked by the government to supply top-of-the-range vehicles for the legislators at a total cost of more than US$21 million.

The vehicles will cost between US$60 000 and US$70 000 when Zimbabwe has sent a begging bowl to respond to the El Nino-induced drought that has left millions facing hunger.

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“MPs are being advised that agreement has been reached with the following suppliers for the delivery of vehicles to members: Executive Motors, Exquisite Motors and Paza Buster. Members will be advised when additional suppliers come on board. Members are, therefore, advised to approach any of the suppliers for their vehicles,” the memo read.

“Members are further advised of the following to facilitate the acquisition of the vehicles.

“Members are to be issued with a letter from our human resources department addressed to the supplier confirming their status and the maximum approved amount they can utilise for the vehicle. This will allow the supplier to issue an invoice for the vehicle.”

Chokuda added: “Members will get a vehicle up to the maximum allowable; if a member wishes to get a vehicle of a higher value they must settle the difference with the supplier. This is purely an arrangement between the member and supplier with no involvement from Parliament. Suppliers have been duly advised of this requirement.”

“If for any reason a member decides to change suppliers before the release of the vehicle they must return the letters issued by Parliament and start the process from the beginning. The vehicles cannot be disposed of before the expiry of 5 years.”

Investigations by NewsDay showed that Executive Motors, which has branches in Milton Park and Mt Pleasant, is owned by Zanu PF Chivi Central legislator Exevia “Wezhaz” Maoneke.

The Chivi-born businessman and philanthropist has interests in real estate, car hire and also runs Wezhaz Sports Bar in Harare’s Warren Park.

Exquisite Motors is allegedly owned by Victor Matiyenga.

Zanu PF sympathiser Wicknell Chivayo has been buying various top-of-the-range cars at the dealership and donating to various people including music artistes, individuals and church members, among others.

Paza Buster is owned by staunch Zanu PF supporter, car dealer and gold miner Paul Chenjerai. Political analyst Pardon Taodzera criticised the arrangement as indicative of ruling party entrenchment through State affairs.

“This deal raises serious ethical questions and reinforces the perception of State capture by Zanu PF elite. It is another example of how the ruling party uses State resources to reward its loyalists, undermining public trust in government processes,” he said.

Another political analyst Aaron Hamauswa said public procurement processes were being compromised to favour companies with political party affiliations.

“The awarding of such lucrative contracts to companies with clear political affiliations diminishes confidence in the government's ability to manage public funds impartially. It also suggests a deeper problem of systemic corruption within the procurement processes,” he said.