ZANU PF youth national youth league member, Danmore Mambondiani, has been suspended for trying to bribe two ministers in a bid to land a top post in the ruling party.

Before the suspension, Mambondiani was the national youth secretary for administration.

He was eyeing the post of secretary for local government.

Mambondiani allegedly tried to bribe secretary for youth affairs Tinotenda Machakaire and his deputy John Paradza during a national youth executive meeting held on May 9 in Harare.

Machakaire is a Youth Empowerment minister.

Paradza is the deputy minister of Environment.

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NewsDay is in the possession of a letter of suspension directed to Mambondiani.

“Kindly take note that on Thursday the 9th of May 2024 during the national executive council of the youth league, you exhibited conduct unbecoming of a national member,” reads the letter.

“However to the contrary you yourself comrade Mambomdiani came with a bag supposedly full of money, went to the deputy secretary for youth affairs John Paradza and secretary for youth affairs Tinotenda Machakaire opened the bag in full view of the media  and national executive  and gave John Paradza US$200 and Machakaire US$100.”

“The above conduct even full view of the media insinuates that party vacancies or posts can be acquired through vote buying; these actions further disregard constitutional [provisions as stated.”

The letter adds: “Given the charges you are hereby prohibited to act on behalf or as the deputy secretary for administration of the national youth league executive council.”

Mambondiani, Machakaire and Paradza were not available for comment yesterday.