Health, hygiene, and beauty products manufacturer MedTech Holdings Limited has urged consumers to guard against buying  counterfeit Satiskin foam bath products that have flooded the local market.

The company recently teamed up with police and raided a backyard factory in Harare's Mbare high-density suburb where counterfeit foam bath products were being illegally manufactured and sold.

In a statement, MedTech's CEO said they acted on a tip-off from members of the community.

"We immediately informed the police upon learning about the fake Satiskin and their assistance led to a raid on the production facility in Mbare," he said.

Medtech urged consumers to be vigilant and look out for the signs of fake Satiskin such as mismatched lids, damaged packaging, incorrect aroma, watery consistency and to monitor skin reactions.

Fake toothpaste, beverages, and chemicals have also flooded the market.

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