THE United Kingdom (UK) government has announced a new five-point plan that will make it difficult for Zimbabweans working there to bring along their families.

Zimbabwe is among the top five countries that registered the highest number of citizens granted work visas to the UK in the past two years, latest statistics by the country Office of National Statistics show.

UK's Interior minister James Cleverly told lawmakers this week that the five-point plan, which will see the country's care firms regulated on visa sponsorship is meant to end the "abuse of health and care

visa" as well as stop overseas workers from bringing family dependents.

“Migration to this country is far too high and needs to come down, and today we are taking more robust action than any other government before.

“This package of measures will take place from next spring,” he said.

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Cleverly also highlighted that their government would raise the minimum salary threshold for foreign skilled workers to 38,700 pounds (US$ 48,800), from its current level of 26,200 pounds (US$ 33,000) and

reform the list of jobs where exceptions are made due to shortages.

Zimbabwe has over the past years recorded a mass exodus of skilled workers, who have opted for menial foreign jobs owing to poor remuneration back home.