PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday warned business, industry and the mining sector against engaging in corruption saying his government would apply the law without “fear or favour”.

Mnangagwa said this while officially commissioning the Bikita Minerals (Pvt) Ltd spodumine and petalite processing plants.

“Corruption of any kind, will never be condoned by my government and the law will apply without fear or favour,” Mnangagwa said.

“The overarching need to grow “the bottomline” should never be at the expense of the laws of the country or the well-being of our people who must see transformative changes to their quality of life as a result of our country's rich and numerous resources. “

Latest data by Transparency International Corruption Perception Index placed Zimbabwe among 124 countries that have high corruption levels.

Mnangagwa’s administration has been criticised for lacking political will to effectively curb corruption.

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Meanwhile, Mnangagwa said Sinomine Resource Group invested US$300 million into the Bikita Minerals (Pvt) Ltd spodumine and petalite processing plants project.

 “In spite of the commendable success milestones we are celebrating, players in the lithium sub-sector must remain on course to produce batteries and other clean energy-related products.

“The completion of the Mapinga Mines to Energy Industrial Park should be expedited,” he said.

The government said the country was losing at least US$1,7 billion from the export of unprocessed lithium ore.

The lithium-ion battery value chain consists of four main stages, which include mining and production of raw materials, cell component (electrodes) manufacturing, cell assembly and recycling.

To date, there is no lithium battery and an EV industry and the country remains an insignificant player on the market for EVs.