MDC-T chairperson Morgen Komichi has been accused of railroading an "unconstitutional agenda" to protect serving party officials from being challenged at the party’s upcoming elective congress.

Party sources said Komichi had initially eyed the party presidency and pushed for an early congress, but back-tracked on his plans fearing defeat to party leader Douglas Mwonzora.

Sources said Komichi was also fearful of losing his position, which may have forced him to push through “an unconstitutional agenda” to ensure serving party officials are not contested.

“Komichi is now very scared of congress and he unilaterally wrote a letter to all provinces instructing them that no position will be contested. Only gaps would be filled. This is unconstitutional, especially when it comes to an ordinary congress,” a source said.

A September 19 letter written by Komichi to party structures reads: “This memo serves to inform the party structures on progress towards the holding of the 5th Congress. Periodic updates do help to quell the rumour mill and keep membership informed and also adhering to party processes. The President will announce the Congress date after due process. It is the stated party position that the 5th Ordinary Congress will be held this year.

“We would like to reiterate that because of the circumstances we face there is not going to be any dissolution of structures, but that there will be supervised filling of gaps that are democratically agreed to exist within the structures. This process is being supervised by the organising committee as per mandate to ensure establishment of party structures and organs from the branch to the provincial levels.

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“There shall be no tampering with the existing structures and higher organs will supervise the gap-filling of lower structures. Provinces to keep copies of these records to enhance transparency for the conduct of a free and fair congress.”

Komichi confirmed writing the letter when contacted for comment, but claimed he was merely spelling out the position of the party’s standing committee.

“The memo I posted contains the party position agreed in the Standing Committee. I don’t have the power to communicate my personal position,” Komichi told NewsDay Weekender.

“Gap-filling is the party position we are doing as we build the party. Not necessarily focusing on the Congress alone, but party building at large . . . (and) uniting our party.”

Mwonzora’s spokesperson Lloyd Damba refused to comment.