AFRICAN parliamentarians have proposed a programme to mobilise domestic resources for the continent’s health sector.

In a statement on the sidelines of the ongoing African Union Summit to reflect and discuss health financing in Africa, the parliamentarians said there should be commitment towards domestic resource mobilisation.

“Our recommendations, resulted in the creation of the Parliamentarian Task Force on Domestic Resource Mobilisation for Health in Africa, with the objectives of engaging parliamentarians in their respective countries on issues such as the mobilisation of national resources for health; strengthening of community health; universal health coverage; and addressing gaps in funding for the fight against HIV, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria. We, therefore, unite our voices in support of this declaration,” the statement read.

“Incorporating universal health coverage as a goal in national health policy frameworks, strategically connect(s) to broader inter-ministerial priorities such as emergency preparedness, social stability, climate, economy and finance; bridging financial and implementation gaps of HIV, TB, malaria, health systems strengthening, pandemic prevention preparedness and response and community health systems in the national strategic plans for the countries.”