SO the Zanu PF leadership has finally decided to clip the wings of some of its members who are wantonly abusing power and privileges at every turn.

At the ruling party recently-ended annual conference in Gweru, party chairperson Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri took time to cut short some tails by cautioning colleagues who are fond of not paying tollgate fees.

“You are no longer respecting the rules and regulations of Zanu PF,” Muchinguri-Kashiri reportedly told colleagues. “There are some who are refusing to pay tollgate (fees) after showing all the credentials that show that they are Zanu PF officials. Such indiscipline embarrasses the President (Emmerson Mnangagwa). When you are given the cars use them accordingly and be exemplary that you are a Zanu PF cadre. The high speeds that we see [on the roads] are unacceptable.”

That was quite a mouthful.

But, in hindsight, there is nothing new here. The bulk of Zanu PF members have always been known to abuse the ruling party’s power and privileges. This has been the norm for decades, we are actually surprised that some in the ruling party leadership now appear concerned about it.

In fact, we would have really applauded Muchinguri-Kashiri if she had instructed the police officers who man tollgates to immediately arrest any person refusing to pay tollgate fees simply because they are carrying a Zanu PF membership card or donning some party regalia.

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Should it not be a cardinal sin in the ruling party for people to bring the name of the revolutionary party into disrepute by acting in such an untoward manner? This is an affront which should warrant immediate expulsion from the party.

Such lawlessness cannot be condoned under whatever circumstances. When people say there is lawlessness in Zimbabwe, this is exactly what they will be refering to. We, therefore, hope that the party goes beyond merely warning its unruly elements by taking concrete action.

It is quite astonishing that a majority of those in the ruling  party do not want to support the country’s development and seem bent on enjoying everything for free. Zanu PF has, in fact, been famous for promoting this weird sense of entitlement whereby its members are averse to paying for anything.

If truth be told many in the party owe huge amounts in unpaid water, electricity, farming inputs and council rates.

Honestly, how can the country develop when our purported leaders are the very first to refuse to pay for services? Being a card-carrying ruling party member does not mean you are superior to other citizens. Free services should only be offered to very senior citizens who are over 70 years because they, indeed, deserve our respect for reaching such a ripe age.