GOVERNMENT has urged agriculture stakeholders to preserve biodiversity to ensure increased food productivity on the African continent.

Addressing delegates during the “Taking action on biodiversity for food and agriculture in Africa” regional workshop held in the capital recently, Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development deputy minister, Vangelis Haritatos said biodiversity plays a pivotal role in agriculture.

“In Africa, where agriculture is a cornerstone of many economies and communities, the preservation of biodiversity is of paramount importance,” said Haritatos.

“Currently, we face a multitude of challenges that threaten the biodiversity essential to food and agriculture in Africa. Climate change, habitat destruction, and invasive species are just a few of the threats that require urgent attention and collective action.

“By promoting sustainable agriculture practices and integrating biodiversity conservation into our food systems, we can make a meaningful difference. Sustainable agriculture not only safeguards biodiversity, but also enhances the resilience of agricultural systems, improves soil health, and ensures the availability of diverse and nutritious food sources.”

Haritatos highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts between stakeholders to ensure the success of biodiversity.

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“Furthermore, we must recognise the importance of collaborative efforts.

It is imperative that governments, non-governmental organisations, local communities, and the private sector work together to protect and promote biodiversity.

“Through partnerships and shared knowledge, we can develop and implement effective strategies for biodiversity conservation and sustainable agriculture,” Haritatos said.

He added that it was important to consider policy recommendations and practical steps to integrate biodiversity conservation into agricultural and food security strategies.

“By doing so, we can ensure that the preservation of biodiversity is at the core of our efforts to build resilient and sustainable food systems across Africa,” he said.