Letter from America: Black support for Genocide Joe and Democrats is suicidal!

Biden’s policies at home and abroad, are nothing but disastrous to African Americans.

African Americans survived three centuries of slavery and apartheid by constantly leaning on their Christian faith.

Their commitment to religion generated faith-based organisations; the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured Peoples (NAACP), the Christian Leadership Conference of the Reverend Martin Luther King, the Urban League and later People United to Save Humanity led by the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

My daughter was an initiate in the NAACP. The group was natured and trained by veteran civil rights leaders at Morris Baptist Church in my hometown. Their annual conference  resembled a Baptist revival.

The purpose of this letter is to show that African American leadership have been seduced by their desire to walk in the corridors of power and have been seduced.

Their association with the Democratic Party, especially under its present leadership by Genocide Joe Biden, is suicidal.

To be fair, the journey of seduction has been a long one. It began with president Lyndon Johnson, the architect of the civil rights laws, who correctly surmised that: “If we pass the Civil Rights Act (1965) the Negro will vote Democrat for the next 100 years.” He prophesied.

Brother Vince Ellison, in his book, The Iron Triangle, says that Biden’s grip on the black vote, having received 90% in 2020, is suicidal to the race. 

Biden’s policies at home and abroad, are nothing but disastrous to African Americans.

Biden’s support and financing of the Gaza genocide has shaken the moral fiber of black Americans.

But their voices have been weakened by the fact that their leaders, especially the preachers and bishops, are bed with Biden.

A week ago, Sister Maya King (a relation of Dr. King) wrote from Atlanta that “1000 Black pastors, representing thousands of congregants have issued a demand” that Biden’s genocide policy in Gaza must cease.

The pastors had been pressured by their younger congregants to stand up to their faith; “they were dismayed by the president’s posture” and his role as co-conspirator with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the genocide in Gaza.

“We are (dismayed)” said the Reverend Timothy McDonald of 1 500 member Iconium Church in Atlanta. “It is going to be very hard to persuade our people to back to the polls and vote for Biden.”

Biden believes that he really does not have to change his policy. Blacks have nowhere to go. When the rubber meets the road, he has told them, they cannot vote for racist Republicans.

The option, however, is not to vote at all.

In South Carolina, the geriatric black leadership are severely compromised in favor of Biden despite a groundswell of opposition to him among young black voters.

Two mayors

Mayor Brandon Johnson of Chicago and Eric Adams of New York serve as water carriers for the Democratic Party.

In New York, Brother Adams has secured a US$53 million fund to provide pre-paid credit cards for Mexican illegal immigrants.

Not wanting to be outdone, Brother Johnson of Chicago is seeking a similar fund of US$80 million. Abandoned schools and abandoned hotels have been renovated to accommodate illegal immigrants.

At the time of going to press, New York was carrying a burden of 180 000 mouths to feed and house.

In both cities, blacks have congregated at the mayor’s office.

They want to know why, in both cities, indigents and homeless blacks are estimated at 100 000, such vigour and efforts have not been expended to alleviate their situations.

Oh, I forgot to add that each illegal immigrant gets a cheque of US$350 per week for his “personal use.”

 The authorities proudly say that illegal immigrants should be afforded “suitable ethnic culinary supplies” as substitutes for bland hotel cuisine. In Chicago they are being encouraged to build  own ethnic culinary stations (kitchens).

Hispanic immigrants have by-passed the 35 million black population by five million. During the Biden years, 16 million Hispanics have been allowed to cross the border.

Minority status had given blacks certain privileges, such as affirmative action, in job applications and in formulating electoral districts.

Blacks are also being used to get former president Donald Trump and throw him in a jailhouse so that Biden can stand for election without credible opposition.

Attorney Brother Alvin Bragg, working with Biden attorneys created a crime out of thin air. E. Jean Carrol is referred to as a commercial sex worker (a polite name for a prostitute). She had an affair with Trump sometime before 2016.

When Trump ran for president in 2016, Carrol demanded hush money, or she would tell everything to the National Inquirer (the H-Metro of New York).

The case is murky. Demanding hush money is a felony called extortion or blackmail. Whether Trump should be prosecuted for not reporting the crime or whether Simpson should be prosecuted for blackmail is not clear.

In any case, a federal prosecutor refused to take the case. The statute of limitations (five years) has long passed. Bragg says that this is a special case.

Democrats are an immoral party.

The Democratic Party of Genocide Joe is a far cry from that of J.F. Kennedy (1960-1963).

This year, Easter fell on Sunday, March 31. Biden invited some LBGQ stalwarts to the White House to celebrate what he called “Trans-gender day of visibility.”

This LGBQ awareness and consciousness has been embedded in US foreign policy through the State Department.

The State Department has been reviewing its policy towards Uganda, Kenya, and Ghana in view of the intransigence towards openness in favour of gay groups.

Statistics show that these policies have turned the black family upside down. As we go to press, 85% of all black children were born in single mother headed families.

McBundy George called a conference on this issue in 1970. Black leaders showed no interest.

At the heart of his domestic policy is trans-genderism and abortion. Little girls are told that they can grow tails if they wish, and boys can cut off their tails. Parents need not be informed.

Whether it is Biden genocidal foreign policy or his trans-gender domestic policies, blacks who support such policies are committing suicide.


  • Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes from the US

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