Letter to my people: When your best minister is Mudha

That the so-called second repuburic now wants us to believe that the same person, who was fired not so long ago for “conduct that was deemed inappropriate for a minister of government” tells us that we are being led by people, who lack probity.

My Dear People

On Friday Ngwena named his best ministers and predictably the so-called winners were mainly his runners like Owen 'Mudha' Ncube.

Owen, who was fired by the same Lacoste cabal leader in 2022 only to bounce back as Midlands Provincial Affairs minister last year, was allegedly the top perfomer among the 10 provincial ministers kikikiki.

That the so-called second repuburic now wants us to believe that the same person, who was fired not so long ago for “conduct that was deemed inappropriate for a minister of government” tells us that we are being led by people, who lack probity.

The other dubious winner was Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement minister Anxious Masuka.

That one was probably rewarded for the fictitious bumper harvests that are only visible in state owned rags pages and  on Dead BC.

His ministry was behind the recent inhumane eviction of poor villagers that occupied white owned farms two decades ago at the instigation of Zanu PF.

The awards were just a charade by a government whose mediocrity cannot be matched.


Last week the toothless regional body Sadc, for the umpteenth time, called for the lifting of sanctions on Zimbabwe, but yet again failed to find its voice to rein in the Ngwena-led dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion over its glaring flaws. 

This was after the United States removed some of the sanctions it imposed in 2003, but  added a fresh new set of restrictions on Ngwena and co for alleged corruption, among other vices.

It is amazing how quick this motley group of southern African leaders are in calling for the removal of sanctions by the US and yet dismally faiL to address the damning report on the same country’s flawed elections last year by its own electoral observer body, which called it   the ‘most fraudulent miniselection ever held in the region’.


The policy to see and hear no evil has weakened the authority of Sadc  as it has been reduced  to a hopelessly incompetent grouping characterised by double standards and duplicity.

The regional body has screamed itself hoarse on the sanctions imposed on the Scarfmore inner circle, but it has been silent on the same regime’s failure to implement the recommendations by a commission it set up over the killing  of citizens by soldiers on August 1, 2018 during post-election demonstrations.

That it has been nearly six years since those recommendations were made only shows how useless Sadc is as a regional body.

While it has even set up a day annually to call for the removal of the sanctions, Sadc has remained mum on the increasing repression in the country epitomised by the jailing of opposition party individuals for nearly two years without trial.

The failure by Sadc leaders to condemn their counterpart , Ngwena when they call for the removal of sanctions has reduced the regional body to a laughing stock.

The disgraceful attempt by the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) to arm twist  journalists into sanitised reporting of the Gukurahundi massacres in the Midlands and Matabeleland in the mid-1980s clearly shows that the concept of democracy and freedom of the press remains alien to the so-called  second repubric.

The risible attempt to bar journalists from using words such as massacre and genocide in the description of the killing of at least 20 000 people has exposed the whole process of addressing the issue as a sham. 

The ZMC cannot force journalists to describe a spade as a rose for the sake of convenience.

 Then there is that cantankerous Chief Charumbira, who has been bizarrely calling for the barring of journalists from covering the hearings around Gukurahundi.

Unopenga!!! How does this chief, who by the way has incest allegations hovering over him, expect transparency when those who   report are prohibited from the process?

  The whole process of addressing the Gukurahundi massacres is fast turning into an embarrassing farce with sincerity the biggest casualty.

The chaos emanating from the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission(Zacc) after the departure of its head Loice Matanda Moyo is yet another shameful indication that the fight against graft has gone to the dogs since Ngwena was catapulted into power on the back of guns and tanks.

 Such is the disorder and chaos among the commissioners that the Scarfmore’s office has been forced to intervene, we are told.

What a bleeding joke this Zacc has become.

It is, therefore, no surprise that the country recently plumbed to yet another low sliding further down the Transparency International corruption index as it scored a measly 24, which is well below the regional average of 33.

Under Scarfmore, the levels of corruption have festered to a level where even Zacc, which was set up to fight sleaze in all its forms, fails dismally to account for some of the money allocated to it according to the latest auditor general’s report.

What does one expect when the country is led by a probity deficient individual as aptly pointed out by Gushungo when he justifiably booted Ngwena out of government?

The self-imposed Citizens Coalition for Change secretary general and buffoon Sengezo Tshabangu has applied for funding from the political parties’ fund despite not participating in last year’s elections.

After the political fraud foisted himself on the Senate to the surprise of his fellow cohorts, Tshabangu now wants to get his grubby hands on the funding to make a mockery of his claims that he had recalled parliamentarians and councilors from the opposition party to protect Nero.

 This apparently is similar to the justification used when Gushungo was illegally forced out of power by Ngwena and co.

 That he continues to use the face of Nero as the symbol of his faction is the stuff that tragicomedies are made of.

This will without doubt increase voter apathy in future elections as the country’s citizens will question the purpose of voting for representatives, who will be immediately replaced by unelected bluffers and clowns with the helping hand of the state


Stop It!

 Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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