Letter from America: Why Prince Harry’s book is a must read!

Prince Harry's book

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, has written a biography of his life and times in the House of Windsor, the ruling family of Great Britain. He was paid US90 million.

This type of a book is called a “tell all, no holds barred.” People who pay such large amounts of money expect some juicy scandals, based on which they hope to recover their money and make more.

I think the book has more than fulfilled its purpose. I urge all my high school followers who are aspiring to be great writers to buy or borrow the book.

Ms. Oprah, who guided Harry and his American black wife Ms. Meghan through the documentaries and the write-ups did a superb job. The book appeals to the universal instincts of jealousy, rejection, separation and reveals the fundamental truth that even those families like the Windsor’s, which have survived for hundreds of years, are dysfunctional.

This letter is aimed at student writers. Read the following passage and note the deliberateness, the pathos, and the lack of empathy on the part of Harry’s tormentors who had, through gossip, innuendoes and lies made the life of his black wife hell on earth. The tormentors did not know what it was they had done wrong.

The father, Prince Charles and Prince William, heir apparent met the prodigal son at some ancient garden in their kingdom.

“I felt massively tired. I wanted to go home. (Home was now the US). I realised what a complicated concept home had become, maybe always was. I gestured at the gardens, the city beyond, the nation and said: William, this was supposed to be our home. Here we were going to live here for the rest of our lives.”

Your teacher may ask you to consider a different adjective before the word tired, for instance dog-tired.

Never mind the presentation was intentional. To meet his all-knowing, all perfect and all comfortable brother William who was waiting to be king and his father, who had betrayed the love of his mother Diana by carrying on an affair with the ugly Camilla Parker Bowles, was indeed a massively tiring affair.

These two, comfortable in their skins understood next to nothing. William asked, half accusing him of betrayal — “And you left?”

William was in complete ignorance of the reasons why Harry had left, and so was Charles. The first chapter lays out the plot of the unfolding tragedy that is still playing out.

“I could not believe what I was hearing. (Perhaps) things might have been different, but for him to claim total ignorance of the reasons I had fled the land of my birth…my mother country? (sic) To claim no knowledge of why my wife and I took the drastic step of picking up our child and just running like hell, leaving behind everything, friends, furniture? Really?”

This is the heart of the story. Why did Harry leave his father’s kingdom, a GBP25 million per annum stipend, all expense paid, free lodging and free transport?

When I was working at the Zimbabwe Sunday Mail, sitting at the feet of the great journalist Willie Musarurwa, he would ask this question. Where is the story? In Musarurwa’s book, the storyline must come early in the write-up. Harry has written a masterpiece.

For reasons of space, we shall summarise the reason why Harry left his father’s kingdom to follow an American black divorcee into the wilderness in the name of love.

William and Charles (now King Charles) were privileged and their purpose in life was to keep those privileges associated with the House of Windsor. Betrayal was not an issue to them. Camilla was the wife of a devoted soldier in the King’s own palace guard. Parker Bowles served in Zimbabwe, 1980-1985. Charles’ love affair with Camilla is the story of King David and Bathsheba.

In trying to appeal to the non-reading classes, Harry has used bad words like “stupidest” and an “f” word (p 36).

September 1996 was etched in his memory because it was the year Princess Diana, his mother died in a car crash. It was alleged that Diana was pregnant with Dodi Fayed (an Egyptian) and that she was terminated by the British MIV. Harry does not get into conspiracy but blames the British press for harassment, lies and carrying on a vendetta against her. Diana lived a sad life. Harry has followed in the same path. Diana was expelled from the Windsor family (page 15) and so was Harry.

British racism

The aim of racism is to denigrate, refuse the humanity of its victims and utterly deny them space in the universe. This is the story of Prince Harry. The love affair between Harry and Ms. Meghan attracted an overflowing of racism in the British tabloid newspapers. The book drives the point home.

Before they were married, the Daily Mail sought to sell its paper with this headline. “Harry’s girl is straight out of Compton (Ghetto).” In a sub-heading it wrote that the “Gang-scarred home of her mother revealed” by the Daily Mail investigative journalists.

In a follow up story written by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s sister you will find these bad words. “The Windsor’s will thicken their watery, thin blue blood and pale skin with some rich exotic DNA.” (p 345)

Meghan never lived in Compton, and even if she did, it is commendable that she made something of herself in life. A curious fact is that Harry, who was brought up in privilege, did not appreciate the damaging effect of racism until he was its victim. Another curious effect is that evil minded people (at the Daily Mirror) do not in any way appreciate the damage they do by their lies. They offer no apologies even when they are told the truth.

This book is a MUST READ.

n Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes from the US.

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