Divine Insight: The power of information

Philip had to acquire information that opened a door for him to gain access into the chariot.

It took wisdom for Philip to be able to minister to the Ethiopian Eunuch.

The Spirit of God said to him “Go near, and join thyself to this chariot”. So, Philip was acting under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit when he approached this man.

But he had to use wisdom to have an audience with him by first observing and studying the eunuch, which allowed him to observe that he was reading from the book of Isaiah. With this information, he was able to find a way to engage the eunuch.

Just because it is in God’s will for your life or you are destined to get into a place, that domain can remain closed to you if you don’t have proper training or education. Philip had to acquire information that opened a door for him to gain access into the chariot. A chariot can be interpreted as any industry or space you may desire to occupy (media, government, arts, tech industry, etc.). The first place to start is by learning all that you can about that space. Get information and be the most informed individual in your industry. 

The Ethiopian Eunuch understood the power of information. He understood that though he was an educated man, Philip had information that would allow him to have full revelation of what he was reading.  Everything you may need to get to your next level is tied to an individual and the information they possess. The difference between someone who is rich and poor is information. What do you know and how prepared are you to learn new things.

Joseph was given a dream when he was a young boy but his dream only came to pass because he learned to interpret other people’s dreams. We can say Joseph’s dream was housed in Pharaoh’s dream and both their dreams were a fulfilment of God’s dream and desire to preserve his people. So, without God’s desire, Pharaoh would not have had a dream. There is always a man who carries the infrastructure that will allow God to fulfil his desires for you. There is always someone who carries keys to all that you desire to achieve in life.

A single man was put in charge of a system not because he was gifted or spiritual but because he had the wisdom to interpret and execute Pharaoh’s dream. As a young boy, Joseph developed a unique gift to interpret dreams but he lacked the wisdom to execute. It took years of tests and trials to perfect this gift. How many hours are you prepared to invest in yourself that you can acquire or get information, skills and training that can cause you to have impact in that space you have been called into. Do you have the patience and malliability to learn and acquire information and new skills.

The situations Joseph went through in Egypt refined him to become the man who he finally became. Joseph not only could interpret dreams. But he gained an ability to  help others understand their dreams and also gave them wisdom to execute the dreams. God has gifted you not for yourself but for those he sends to you. But gift alone without it being refined may not have capacity to maintain you in that chariot.

If Daniel had not been trained by the eunuchs, he may have never had the opportunity to advice the kings. Though Daniel was gifted it is the training he had in Babylon that caused him to stand before the king. Its time to invest in yourself and master your gifts.

God Bless you

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