Dream cycles and demonic attacks

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Most dreams repeat themselves because the dreamer would have ignored the message or is failing to understand the message being translated through the dream.

When God wanted to speak to Samuel the prophet, he called him until Samuel had mastered that it was God who was calling him. Could it be that dreams keep repeating themselves because you are failing to understand the message God is trying to communicate to you?

Even in dreams where one is attacked, the dreams seem to be repeated until you have victory in the area indicated through the dreams. Some people are tormented by dreams of a sexual nature.

These dreams manifest because of roots in one’s life or foundations. These people can be spiritually connected to sexual demons and these demons find access to the people through those connections. So, the dreams are repeating themselves for a purpose.

The challenge comes when you ignore the dreams or fail to understand why they keep repeating themselves. Most demonic dreams are coming because of things the dreamer is dealing with, even something as simple as a dog manifest because one can be dealing with fear.

So, there is no dream that is just a dream. Because the dream dimension is a place where what you are struggling with is reflected. An addiction can appear as eating in a dream.

Other cyclic or recurring dreams keep happening because one would have missed the instruction being released in the dream. Not all repetitions in dreams are attack, however, some are messages one would have missed even if they appear to be negative. Pharaoh had two dreams and both dreams carried the same message though the symbols seemed so different. The focus should be the message being communicated through the dream.

When dealing with attacks in a dream, you need to understand the weapons you have been given to fight spiritual wars with. The blood of Jesus Christ is a weapon. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, in the book, The Promised Land, says, “it’s not fully effective to shout ‘I plead the blood of Jesus because to plead one must have evidence’. In the New Testament, we have the blood of Jesus which speaks better things than that of Abel yet you need an understanding of how to approach the courts of heaven with the evidence of the blood to plead your case.”

Whenever you experience an attack in a dream, learn to bring the enemy before the courts of heaven with the evidence of the blood through communion. In communion, you have legality to say, with that communion, you declare and plead over whatever situation or Dream you need to deal with.There are technicalities in prayer and each system requires its own way of dealing with it. The dream is repeating because with that dream are keys to break that demonic cycle.

The first step is to identify the root  and your connection to that system. Some sexual dreams are because of lust and when you notice that the root is lust you can look into the word on how to deal with lust. So if you are having a dream  carefully look at it and ask questions until you identify the root.

Have you noticed the cycle or  have you identified the root of that cycle? What principle in the Word can you use to deal with that situation? Don’t ignore those dreams especially if they keep happening, within them are the keys to dealing with them.

God Bless You

Humphrey Mtandwa is an apostolic teacher of the word of God and founder of Believers Voice of Triumph Ministries. He has authored many books, including The Enoch Generation, Truthfulness, Night Parables and Theophany. If you want to connect with him or have any questions, get in touch on www.apostlehumphrey.com

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