7 F-factors to unlock personal effectiveness

Eliminate distractions, set clear and SMART objectives, and manage time effectively. By so doing you can maximise performance and productivity to achieve desired goals.

SUCCESS is built on specific principles. At times these principles are painful, because they involve a process.

In the pursuit of personal growth and success, it is essential to harness the power of various factors which contribute to personal effectiveness.

These factors encompass different aspects of life, including faith, family, finance, fitness, friendships, focus and even failure.

By understanding and nurturing these areas, individuals can unleash their full potential and lead a more meaningful, fulfilling and purpose-driven life.


Faith talks to internal confidence about your abilities and in the power of the God above. It lays the foundation for personal effectiveness. It provides individuals with a sense of purpose, belief, and hope.

Whether one finds solace in religious or spiritual beliefs or harbours faith in their own abilities, faith acts as a guiding force through life's challenges.

It instils resilience, optimism and the determination to overcome obstacles, enabling individuals to strive for their goals with unwavering dedication.


We all need a supportive family. Everyone is born in a family and that family plays a fundamental role in personal effectiveness.

However, there are some families which are divided. The support, love and encouragement from family members create a nurturing environment that fosters personal growth.

Strong family bonds provide a sense of belonging, stability and emotional well-being. By maintaining healthy relationships with loved ones, individuals can draw strength and inspiration from their family, enabling them to face challenges and pursue their dreams with confidence.


Money makes things move and it is an essential aspect of personal effectiveness. Sound financial management empowers individuals to take control of their lives and make informed decisions. Everyone should learn the laws which govern money because we all handle money.

By developing a budget, saving diligently and investing wisely, individuals can secure their future, reduce stress and create opportunities for growth.

Financial stability provides a solid foundation for personal and professional endeavours, freeing individuals to focus on their passions and aspirations.


Your body is the vehicle which works on your success and it must be kept fit. Fitness is often overlooked, but plays a crucial role in personal effectiveness.

Physical well-being is intrinsically linked to mental and emotional well-being. Regular exercise, a balanced diet and adequate rest contribute to increased energy levels, enhanced focus and improved overall health.

By prioritising fitness, individuals can optimise their performance, cultivate self-discipline and maintain a positive mindset, setting the stage for personal effectiveness in all areas of life.


Friendships are invaluable assets which significantly impact personal effectiveness. Your friends either make or break you.

Genuine connections with like-minded individuals provide support, encouragement and accountability.

Healthy friendships foster personal growth, broaden perspectives and offer a network for collaboration and learning.

By nurturing and investing in friendships, individuals create a supportive circle that helps them stay motivated, overcome challenges and celebrate achievements together.


American author, coach and speaker Tonny Robbins usually says where focus goes energy flows and it is key to personal effectiveness and growth.

In a world inundated with distractions, honing the ability to concentrate on tasks and goals is crucial.

Eliminate distractions, set clear and SMART objectives, and manage time effectively. By so doing you can maximise performance and productivity to achieve desired goals.

Focus allows for deep thinking, creativity, and the cultivation of expertise, propelling you towards personal and even professional success.


We all dislike failure, but failure is inescapable. In fact, failure is part of the success formula.

Failure is often feared and shunned, but it is an essential part of personal effectiveness.

Embracing failure as an opportunity for growth and learning is essential for personal development.

Failures provide valuable lessons, resilience, and the chance to recalibrate one’s approach. By reframing failures as stepping stones to success, individuals can overcome setbacks, adapt and continuously improve themselves, ultimately achieving greater personal effectiveness.

Jonah Nyoni is an author, speaker, and leadership trainer. He can be contacted on Twitter @jonahnyoni. WhatsApp: +263 772 581 918

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