Letter to my people: The yellow revolution caught them napping

Just wearing yellow now is seen as allegiance to Nero’s party. So Junior’s picture had a lot of mischief in it. 


My Dear People

That Robert Junior is a sneaky character, isn’t he?

This past week he posted a picture on Facebook of us together, me in a yellow dress.

The caption that accompanied the picture said yellow has always been my favourite colour.

I can neither deny nor confirm that, kkk.

The colour yellow gained a new meaning this past week after Nero unveiled his party’s new colour and name.

Just wearing yellow now is seen as allegiance to Nero’s party. So Junior’s picture had a lot of mischief in it.

I don’t want to alert Launchmore about my political allegiances. You never know what that man will do.

The last time Baba said he would not vote for Launchmore  security detail was removed from our Blue Roof mansion.

Some of the guards even vandalised the guard room on their way out.

If they could do that to Baba, what about me, a poor widow? So Junior may have inadvertently put me in harm’s way.

Expect new farm and business invasions in the coming few weeks.

But that yellow number did look quite on me, didn’t it? Kkk.

So Nero has finally bowed to pressure from Dougie and renamed his party.

The abbreviation, CCC, is quite interesting because my worry is that it is personalisation of the party and just helps grow the cult of personality.

For those that don’t know, a long time slogan of Nero’s party has been “Chamisa Chete Chete” or in short CCC.

Maybe the party thought CCC had a nice ring to it, but I would be lying if I say this didn’t bother me.

We need to move away from the big man syndrome in Zimbabwean and African politics and building a personality cult doesn’t help in any way.

Anyway, away from my concerns, it seems the rebranding of MDC Alliance to Citizens’ Coalition for Change has rejuvenated the party and has got young people excited in politics again.

Judging by the reaction on social media, I have my secret accounts kkk, there was so much excitement, with people all wearing yellow.

I didn’t expect to see some people in yellow, but they were all endorsing the yellow movement.

Even Cde Killer, who swears by Launchmore, has been on some yellow crusade for a while.

Sani Makhalima seems to have had enough of this lot and is clearly on the yellow side of life.

I could go on all day about how yellow and CCC have rejuvenated politics.

Launchmore and Dougie thought if they took away Nero’s headquarters, his party name and his money they would have finished the young man.

Well, they didn’t see this one coming.

Oh and the timing of the disbursement of the political parties funding was quite curious.

I think Launchmore thinks that this will propel Dougie’s campaign to greater heights during the forthcoming by-elections.

I think they have forgotten the infamous example of Muzorewa, who was well-funded before the 1980 elections.

Let’s just say, there was no return on investment.

The feeling among many Zimbabweans is that Dougie doesn’t deserve that money and did not win the elections.

There is a sense of injustice because of the government’s actions and Dougie should be preparing for a backlash at the by-elections.

The next two months will be interesting.

Finally, schools are opening, quite belatedly if you ask me.

The government says schools will open next week, a month from when they were initially supposed to open.

Why they were closed until now is quite strange. When the government took the decision to keep schools closed, the Covid-19 pandemic was on the decline.

In fact, at that very moment, South Africa was relaxing its state of disaster regulations.

Omicron, the latest Covid-19 variant, was nowhere near as deadly as the previous variants and people could resume their normal lives.

But not in Zimbabwe, where the government uses politics rather than science to make decisions.

In addition, it’s a known fact that Covid-19 is quite mild in children of school going ages, so there was no need for this drastic action.

I feel for pupils that go to government schools.

They have been sitting at home, while their counterparts from private schools have been doing schoolwork.

When schools open on February 7, private school pupils will have at least a three-week head start.

There is no need for populism when it comes to opening schools, rather let’s use logic. There is a real risk that we are creating an illiterate generation.

Anyway, why do I care? My four children have long finished school.


Stop It

Dr Amai (PHD) Fake

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