Job Sikhala’s wife arrested

Job Sikhala

POLICE yesterday arrested Job Sikhala’s wife, while on her way to Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison to visit her incarcerated husband who is charged with incitement to public violence.

Family spokesperson Freddy Masarirevhu said Sikhala’s wife, Ellen was nabbed over a traffic offence after she was accused of driving against oncoming traffic along Seke Road.

“A docket has been opened and she has been ‘summoned’ to appear at Rotten Row Court on Thursday,” Masarirevhu said.

Masarirevhu said Ellen is denying the offence saying she told the police that she was trying to pass a broken down vehicle that was in the middle of the road.

She claims that there was no oncoming traffic when she negotiated past the broken down vehicle.

Police impounded her vehicle, but later released it.

In a related matter, police in Harare have launched a blitz on unlicensed, uninsured and unregistered motor vehicles and non-complying public service vehicles.

In a correspondence dated September 17, Officer Commanding police Harare South District, one Chief Superintendent M Majojo said: “Drivers of such motor vehicles cause chaos on the roads. In most cases they drive against one way and against red robots. Pursuing such motor vehicles may result in  accidents and police are blamed by the public.

“It is difficult for law enforcement agencies to identify owners of unregistered vehicles after committing such crimes because they are not on the Central Vehicle Registry database.”

He added: “Most vehicles plying the country’s roads are either not registered or the vehicle owners deliberately remove number plates to avoid identification. The unregistered and plateless vehicles are being used to commit serious crimes such as armed robbery; theft from motor vehicles; smash and grab; and hit and run, among others.”

Majojo raised concern that criminals and pressure groups were likely to take advantage of the operation to commit crimes and cause disturbances.

“However, opposition malcontents may take advantage of the situation and cause political instability in the district during the operation. Criminals are likely to take advantage of the operation and resort to extortion, impersonation and other related crimes,” he added.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi yesterday told NewsDay that it was too early to give statistics on arrests.

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