Drinking Coke and Pepsi leads to larger testicles, more testosterone: study

A new study says that Coca-Cola and Pepsi drinkers have higher testosterone and larger testicles.

A study has revealed how drinking Coca-Cola and Pepsi can lead to larger testicles and higher testosterone levels.

The Northwest Minzu University in China was attempting to determine the impact of carbonated beverages on fertility and sex organs in men.

The study looked at three groups of mice – one that only drank water, another that drank different levels of Coca Cola with another doing the same with Pepsi – over 15 days.

Tests on the rodents included weighing their testicles and drawing blood. They were tested on day one, as well as day five, seven, 10 and 15.

It was quickly discovered that the mice drinking Coke and 100 percent Pepsi, compared to a mixture of Pepsi and water, had a significant change.

For instance, the mice that were given pure Coca-Cola had higher levels of the male hormone compared to the group that drank water.

The study concluded: “Drinking Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola could promote testis development and enhance testosterone secretion our findings provide the scientific basis for fully understanding carbonated beverages effects and their mechanism on development and reproduction functions of humans, and how they benefit the prevention of prostate dysfunction and cancer.”

However, this contradicts previous studies that indicated sugary drinks made men less fertile, instead of more, as the new study suggested.

A previous survey of 2500 men showed those who drank a liter of cola a day had 30 percent fewer sperm than those that drank none.

But some research has shown how caffeine can increase testosterone levels.


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