WestProp’s US$300m luxury gold estate takes shape

Sharpe told Standardbusiness in an interview that the project, which will be completed in 2026, had already begun with the development of three lakes on the golf course.

WestProp Holdings Limited chief executive officer Ken Sharpe says the firm’s development of the US$300 million Hills Luxury Golf Estate in Harare will be a “game changer” for the country’s tourism and sports sectors.

The development was officially launched last Thursday and the company says it is building a 18-hole golf course modelled against those used in the United States Golf Association (USGA) championship.

Apart from the construction of the world class golf course, the development will see the construction of villas, apartments, townhouses, country club, hotel, tennis and swimming academy, and shopping mall.

Sharpe told Standardbusiness in an interview that the project, which will be completed in 2026, had already begun with the development of three lakes on the golf course.

 “I am thrilled today because here on the 2nd of May, 2024, we have done another ground breaking event that is momentous,” he said.

 “It is much bigger. It’s a game-changer for the country’s tourism sector and even sports in the country.

“It’s a game-changer for the continent. For the first time, can you imagine, right here in Harare, Zimbabwe, having a world-class USGA championship golf course.

“The one that you see behind me is the vision of it, and this is the legendary man himself.

“I’m sitting next to Peter Matkovich. He is the one who came to Zimbabwe six years ago, found us, and said please can I design this golf course?

“For the last two years, the designing, and the planning have been in progress, and he started work last year, in November.”

He said Matkovich had already created three beautiful lakes.

“It’s a US$10 million rehabilitation, reconstruction of the golf course, extending the land 82 hectares on a 127-hectare development,” Sharpe said.

“Eight hundred and sixty-two houses we will have here.

“And you can see the luxury of the houses. World-class, ultra-luxury homes that were designed by the architect standing behind you, Joan, from Barcelona, Spain.”

Matkovich said he was very passionate about the project, which he said had been going on smoothly without any financial restrictions.

“It’s my passion and I have an opportunity here that does not have any restrictions. We have got the finances,” he said.

“We have got a beautiful piece of ground, and the Lord knows, and you know, we have a beautiful country. So, with all of that, I’m going to do something special.”

Top Spanish architect Joan Balague Capdet said the design of the project would have a unique Zimbabwean feel with the construction in progress.

“I am an architect and planner from Barcelona, Spain, and have more than 35 years of expertise in designing resorts, destinations, commercial spaces, and leisure spaces,” Capdet said.

“I am pleased to be here so that I can present this amazing project in Harare that would be something completely different from what you have seen on the continent.

“We have been working for two years, hand in hand, with all the designers and my team.

“Today, marks the beginning of the construction process and this is starting to be a reality.

“In terms of design, this would be international.

“It would be also Zimbabwean in terms of design, but we need to find the right components because this place should be unique. We do not want to copy and paste here.”

Other Westprop creations include Millennium Heights which is ongoing, Pokugara Residential Estate, Pomona City (ongoing), The Mall of Zimbabwe, and Millennium Heights Office Park.

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